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Mikura SuzukiMikura SuzukiMikura Suzuki (Mezzo Forte)
20 years old20 years old
Orange (Mezzo Forte), Pink (Mezzo: D.S.A.)Orange (Mezzo Forte), Pink (Mezzo: D.S.A.)
Gold (Mezzo Forte), Blue (Mezzo: D.S.A.)Gold (Mezzo Forte), Blue (Mezzo: D.S.A.)
"If you want to live long enough to eat dinner, you better not move!"
Melissa Fahn (credited as Tina Dixon)(Mezzo Forte), Marie Court (Mezzo Forte, sex scenes), Luci Christain (Mezzo: D.S.A.)Tomoko Kotani (Mezzo: D.S.A.)
Mezzo ForteMezzo Forte
· · ·
Mezzo: Danger Service AgencyMezzo: Danger Service Agency

Character Description: Mikura Suzuki

A child of the streets, Mikura Suzuki had to fight to survive. She, along with a friend Sakura, would often steal for their food. During one of these capers, the two ran into (at the time) police detective Kenichi Kurokawa. Urging Sakura to run, Mikura had ran interference against Kurokawa, which afterwards she was arrested.

While in jail, Mikura had met Tomohisa Harada, who was in jail for building and selling illegal sex androids. After they were released, they joined up with Kurokawa (who was fired after an assignment went sour, then wrote a tell-all book as revenge for that), and formed the Danger Service Agency, a firm specializing in dangerous assignments.

Because of the nature of their assignments, Mikura is usually the muscle of the team... which suits her fine. A self-taught martial artist, she possess black belt-equivalent skills, as well as police defense skills taught to her by Kurokawa, which means she can more than hold her own in an unarmed fight. And if that fight turns into a gun battle, she is more than a match for anyone who dares to even think of shooting at her... which can be a problem. Mostly because Mikura also has a short fuse, and the first thing she usually does at the first sign of trouble or insult is to go in fighting or with guns blazing, which often puts her teammates in more danger than they care for... or in Kurokawa's case, a loss of more hair.

But there is ONE talent that Mikura has NO control over. She has a limited precognitive ability, which often shows itself in brief flashes of the future, usually when Mikura is under a lot of stress. But sometimes this ability also gives Mikura insights into the D.S.A.'s next assignment. This ability is also inherent in Momomi Momoi, the daughter of mob boss and baseball team owner Momokichi Momoi. There might be a reason for this.

Briefly, Mikura was reunited with her old friend Sakura, who was once Momomi's lesbian lover. Sakura was seeking revenge on Mikura for killing Momomi, but ended up fatally injured as a result. Before dying, Sakura told Mikura that Momomi was her half-sister, which could also explain the resemblance the two have.

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