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Sakura SakuradaSakura Sakurada (ζ‘œη”°γ•γγ‚‰)Sakura Sakurada (Mezzo: Danger Service Agency)
20 years old20 years old
Blue (brown originally)Blue (brown originally)
Transient, assassinTransient, assassin
Monica RialMiki Nagasawa
Episode 4, "Shell of Lies, Posi"Episode 4, "Shell of Lies, Posi"
Mezzo: Danger Service AgencyMezzo: Danger Service Agency

Character Description: Sakura Sakurada

Sakura Sakurada was originally a child of the streets, along with her friend Mikura Suzuki, stealing for their daily bread. However, one night, the two, after a small raid, happened to run into Kenichi Kurokawa, who at the time was still with the Tokyo Police Department. Mikura had decided to risk arrest by taking on the detective, encouraging her friend to run for it.

For the better part of a year, Sakura tried to survive the best she could, but not with the success she had with Mikura. Then one day, she found herself about to be raped by three men. However, with the sound of three shots, Sakura's attackers were dead on the ground. Her savior – Momomi Momoi, the psychotic daughter of Momokichi Momoi (Mikura would later face Momomi in Mezzo Forte).

From then on, Sakura and Momomi became lesbian lovers, with Momomi showing Sakura how to fight with gun and knife. Sakura later would say that Momomi was as terrifying as she was beautiful. But later, Sakura was heartbroken when she found out that Momomi had died... and angry when she found out that Mikura was the one that killed her!

For a better part of a year, Sakura prepared herself to one day find Mikura and kill her. Then one day, she arranged an 'encounter' between the two. For the better part of the day, the two had spent an entire day together, with Sakura making every attempt to try to kill Mikura. But for some strange reason, she kept getting interfered with by either Harada (who was working with Kurokawa on a separate case), or "Fish-Eye" Kazuto, who was interrupted from killing Kurokawa by Mikura.

At the end of the day, Mikura finally confronted Sakura. It seemed that she noticed several instances about how Sakura had tried to kill her. Producing two knives, Sakura then told Mikura about her and Momomi and attacked her. But in the battle, Sakura was accidentally stabbed in the chest. Dying from her wounds, Sakura made a confession to Mikura - she had discovered, through some research she did, that Mikura and Momomi were actually half-sisters (Momomi DID share in Mikura's involuntary precognitive ability)! Wandering into the alley near where she and Mikura fought, Sakura saw an android of a woman fly out of a window (again from Harada and Kurokawa's case, her self destruct activated). Hallucinating that it was Momomi returning to her, Sakura went to embrace her... and died in the explosion.

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