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Anime Profile: Miami Guns

USA Info
Japanese Info
Miami Guns Meiami Ganzu(マイアミ☆ガンズ)("Miami Guns") Miami Guns
· · ·
  Miami Guns
13 episodes 13 episodes
2004 2000
AN Entertainment Kodansha/Toho/Group TAC/MBS
  Takeaki Momose
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi
Jii/Mr. G Jii/Mr. G
· · ·
Lu Amano Lu Amano
· · ·
Yao Sakurakouji Yao Sakurakouji
· · ·
A. Steward  
· · ·
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Characters: Miami Guns

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Jii/Mr. G Jii/Mr. G Chief Amano --?--
Lu Amano Lu Amano George --?--
Yao Sakurakouji Yao Sakurakouji Julio Peacemaker --?--
A. Steward --?-- Kaken Musume --?--
Al --?-- Nagisa Tojo Nagisa Tojo
Anthony --?--    

Anime Description: Miami Guns

Guns, beautiful busty girls, and nonstop excitement... all under the hot Florida sun.

What does a spoiled rich girl with a desire for excitement and too much time on her hands do? For Yao Sakurakouji, the answer is simple enough... join the Miami Police Department! She is soon partnered with the reserved Lu Amano, and together... the two turn Miami upside down from Biscayne Bay to the Everglades.

This anime is the second offering from a newcomer to the anime business... AN Entertainment. This company, which was started by the anime web site, AnimeNation, had already scored a hit with their first offering, Onimishi Magical Theater Risky Safety. Even before the anime was released in the United States, there was critical acclaim from critics about this newest anime, with its tributes and references to other anime like Speed Racer, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Case Closed, Initial D... as well as domestic animated series like Wacky Races.

The Sunshine State will never be the same!

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