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Character Profile: Lukish

USA Info
Japanese Info
LukishLukishLukish (Midnight Panther)
Human (altered)Human (altered)
17 years old17 years old
Former prince, now performer and assassinFormer prince, now performer and assassin
Ruby SeedlessMiho Sakuragi
Episode 1: Tonight, I Love You to DeathEpisode 1: Tonight, I Love You to Death
Midnight PantherMidnight Panther

Character Description: Lukish

Years before, Lukish was the crown prince of the Blue Dragon Kingdom. In her home, only males could ascend to the throne. Since her older half-brother Bad was born out-of-wedlock, Lukish was raised as a male so that she would become king. Not even Bad knew she was a girl. Bad had doted greatly upon Lukish, never suspecting the truth... which would complicate Bad's life years after, when his obsession about Lukish would cause him to question his sexuality.

However, one stormy night, Bad had assassinated his mother and father, possibly because he found out he would not inherit the throne. But somehow Lukish had stumbled in and saw the crime, but escaped before Bad could kill her. While climbing the rain-slick ramparts of the royal castle to avoid him, she slipped and fell into the raging river below. Bad believed Lukish had died from the fall and became king of the Blue Dragon Kingdom, whereas he began a bloody reign which threatened the kingdom's future.

Lukish (Midnight Panther) But Lukish DID survive... although she was close to death when the Old Lady... who was the boss of the Midnight Panther, found the girl and for seven days had saved her... mostly through her knowledge of alchemy. The changes to the girl as a result of the toxins the Old Lady used, however, were drastic.

Lukish (Midnight Panther) The most obvious change was that Lukish's pale skin (which she was proud of) was darkened into a very dark tan. However, she also gained immense strength... which she often uses to slay dragons to supply the Old Lady with dragon parts for her various drugs and toxins. But her body is under developed... which often precludes her from getting the juicy assignments Sonya and Rei get, not to mention her chemical imbalance makes her a bit ill-tempered.

The most remarkable change was that Lukish is also immune to poisons... and that the girl is poisonous herself. One of the toxins used to save Lukish was the liver of a Basilisk dragon, and its toxin is produced on Lukish's skin. The poison is absorbed through skin contact with Lukish, and prolonged exposure to this toxin often results in a slow and agonizing death.

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