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Hiroshi OzoraHiroshi OzoraHiroshi Ozora (Moldiver)
Captain TokyoCaptain Tokyo
Mirai's older brother, scientistMirai's older brother, scientist
Tomoyuki Morikawa

Character Description: Hiroshi Ozora

Hiroshi is a young man wholly dedicated to science... and fame. He's been struggling for a while to realize a concept that's been boiling in his head since college and has since rendered him a semi-hermit in his computer-laden bedroom. Finally, he puts the pieces together. Inputting brainwaves into his computer, he designs a pseudo-molecular shell: a dimensional barrier that perfectly protects anything within. At the same time, with the right control, this barrier could be made to interact with the outside world in any way imaginable: passing through solid matter, stopping even a speeding bullet, withstanding tremendous heat and pressure, and moving and flying at incredible speeds. Powered by a piece of powerful Mol crystal, his dream was finally a reality: the Mol Unit.

Now armed with this incredible piece of technology, he decides to make a name for himself. Fortunately, he designed the Mol Unit's barrier to take the shape of a tall, buff, and good-looking guy in a superhero costume. What better way to show off? And who knew he'd get his first test when the Machinegal Dolls try to steal an antique F-1 racer. The suit worked like a charm. He sent the Dolls packing, got his necessary publicity, and still made it out before the Unit's limiter kicked in. You see, time is the one flaw in his design. Because it eventually uses up the Mol crystal, he programmed a time limit into the unit so he'd maximize its usefulness.

But it still worked. After a few more feats of heroism, the name "Captain Tokyo" was spreading all throughout the city. Mao Shirase was certainly head over heels for the hero... but Mirai thought the whole business seemed corny, especially the name. That would come back to haunt Hiroshi.

Because when he tried to use the Mol Unit during a Machinegal attack at the F-1 race, he found himself scrunched into a way-to-small barrier: the result of Mirai unintentionally inputting her body specs into the Mol Unit and giving it a dual personality. He couldn't fight in this. Realizing what had happened, he thinks quickly and gives Mirai the Mol Unit and a radio so he could coach her on what to do.

In the meantime, Hiroshi continues his research into dimensional barriers. They are key to two projects near and dear to him: his own Mol Unit project, and the experimental dimensional ship that will likely be flown by his closest friend: Kaoru Misaki.

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