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Character Profile: Mirai Ozora

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mirai Ozora Mirai Ozora Mirai Ozora (Moldiver)
Moldiver Moldiver
Human Human
Female Female
17 years(born January 6, 2028) 17 years(born January 6, 2028)
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
5'3" 159 cm
35-23-35" 88-58-88 cm
Type O Type O
High School girl turned superheroine High School girl turned superheroine
Julia Reyna Kato Yukana Nogami

Character Description: Mirai Ozora

Mallrat Mirai is what you might consider a typical 2040's teenage girl. She loves clothes and shopping (she's frequently racking up credit card bills and scrounging for money in various ways), has the hots for a tall and very handsome man (Kaoru Misaki) and she's quite the looker (she has a history of winning beauty contests: a frequent event in the future Tokyo).

But Mirai really got herself into something big when she learned her brother Hiroshi designed the incredible Mol Unit. The natural teenage girl that she was, she thought the unit looked very tacky, so she decided to modify the plans by inputting her own brainwaves. Unfortunately for Hiroshi, Mirai's accidental reprogramming relied heavily on her sense of style.

So when Hiroshi suddenly finds himself in high heels and silk stockings (and in a suit too small for his comfort), he has no choice. He makes Mirai wear it. And thus, she dubs herself Moldiver, the ultimate superheroine.

Activating the Mol Unit is simple. All it takes is a simple oral command: METAMORFORCE. The Mol Unit's dimensional shields take effect, surrounding Mirai in a powerful force-cancelling molecular armor that nullifies energy, gravity, and even inertia. With proper control, Mirai can stop a bullet, move at the speed of light, and perform other superheroic acts because the dimensional shields effectively allow her to operate outside normal physics.

However, there are three things things to note. First, Mirai's preferred appearance as the female Moldiver doesn't always appear when the Mol Unit is activated. Half the time, she ends up being Hiroshi's designed form (Captain Tokyo) instead. Mirai can't handle this mode readily because of its complicated layout (Moldiver's layout is much simpler). Second, she has to transform in the buff or it'll zap any clothing she has on. Third, in an effort to maximize the potential power of the Mol Unit, there is an automatic cutoff installed, set at 666 seconds (just over 11 minutes), so unless Mirai wants to be in a dangerous situation without the benefit of even clothing, she'd better work quickly.

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