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Pink SistersMomoiro Sisters (ももいろシスターズ)Pink Sisters
24 episodes
Aug 25, 1998–Oct 1, 1998
Momose Tamami
Bob Shirahata
Comedy, Ecchi, RomanceComedy, Ecchi, Romance
Akira TobariAkira Tobari
· · ·
Keisuke TsuchikawaKeisuke Tsuchikawa
· · ·
Miki ShimizuMiki Shimizu
· · ·
Momoko MurakamiMomoko Murakami
· · ·
Sakura MurakamiSakura Murakami
· · ·
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Characters: Pink Sisters

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akira Tobari Akira Tobari Moeko Fukuya βŠ• Moeko Fukuya βŠ•
Keisuke Tsuchikawa Keisuke Tsuchikawa Moeko Kaneko βŠ• Moeko Kaneko βŠ•
Miki Shimizu Miki Shimizu Yukari Ootani βŠ• Yukari Ootani βŠ•
Momoko Murakami Momoko Murakami Yuki Kurakata βŠ• Yuki Kurakata βŠ•
Sakura Murakami Sakura Murakami

Description: Pink Sisters

Once upon a time, two sisters, one a clerk and one a student, one with exaggerated sexual life and the other... zero. So begins a nice story called Momoiro Sisters, where it talks about the lives of two girls who live their life in a strange and risky, rapid city (and other strange places). The story may take a line to the sexual side, but is not no big deal, as you're able to laugh at it like the purest of ecchi. Within the life of the youngest of the sisters we have a group of friends of different types, from the lover of yaoi (gay mangas) and anime, to the problematical but beautiful friend.

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