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Anime Profile: Mon Colle Knights

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mon Colle Knights Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knight("Six-Gates Faraway Mon Colle Knights") Mon Colle Knights
· · ·
  Six-Gates Faraway Mon Colle Knights
51 TV episodes 51 TV episodes
2001 2000
Saban TV Tokyo
  Satoru Akagori(based on a card game)
  Yasunao Aoki
Action, Fantasy Action, Fantasy
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Mon Colle Knights

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Mondo Ooya Mondo Ooya Miss Loon Namiko-sensei
Batch Bacchi Namiko Namiko
Beginner Beginner Prince Eccentro Collection-hakushaku
Black Cat Kuroneko Princess Pearl --?--
Earth Angel Forest Angel Prof. Ichirobei Hiragi Prof. Ichirobei Hiragi
Earth Dragon Earth Dragon Punch-Punch Panchi-panchi
Fire Angel Flame Angel Redda Redda
Fire Dragon Fire Dragon Rockna Hiragi Rokuna Hiragi
Gabriolis Zaha Sonnet --?--
Gluko Guuko Spectra Shiru
Impy Lepre-chan Storm Angel Storm Angel
Kahime Kahimi Storm Dragon Storm Dragon
King Elf --?-- Tanaka Chuzaemon
Lovestar Jaane Water Angel Water Angel
Lucca Lute Water Dragon Water Dragon
Luke Luke Winged Warrior --?--

Anime Description: Mon Colle Knights

Parallel to our own world are six Mon Worlds where myriad monsters dwell. Mondo, along with his girlfriend Rokuna and her father, Professor Hiragi (a genius scientist), have found a means of traveling to those worlds...but it turns out they're not the only one who've learned the secret.

To protect Earth and the Mon worlds, Mondo and Rockna have paired together to form the Mon Colle Knights, protectors of the Mon worlds. Their mission is to locate friendly monsters and pit them against the forces of Prince Eccentro, who intends to conquer the Mon worlds and then use the monsters to rule the Earth.

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