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Anime Profile: Monochrome Factor

USA Info
Japanese Info
Monochrome Factor Monochrome Factor Monochrome Factor
  13 TV episodes
  April 7, 2008 – June 30, 2008
  Kaili Sorano
  Yuu Kou
Action, Comedy, Fantasy Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Aya Suzuno Aya Suzuno
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Anime Characters: Monochrome Factor

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aya Suzuno Aya Suzuno Mayu Asamura Mayu Asamura
Haruka Kujo Haruka Kujo Nanaya Nanaya
Hiryu Hiryu Nikaido Akira Nikaido Akira
Homurabi Homurabi Ryuko Ryuko
Kengo Asamura Kengo Asamura Sawaki Sawaki
Ko Ko Shirogane Shirogane
Lulu Lulu Shuichi Wagatsuma Shuichi Wagatsuma

Anime Description: Monochrome Factor

Nikaido Akira was on his way home from school when he met a guy dressed in black. His name is Shirogane, and he told Akira that they have a destiny together and that normal people can't see him. Akira doesn't believe him and left.

Later that day, Aya, a friend of his, forced Akira and Kengo to come with her to the school because she had forgot something there. While there, they got attacked by shadow monsters, and Shirogane appeared again and made Akira into a shin (a creature of the shadow world).

Anime Description: Monochrome Factor

Main charactor Akira Nikaido met with a mysterious Bishounen who said he was "owner of the appearance of the shadow", his name is Shirogane. The main plot of this story described them and crossed the dividing line between the real world that is been attacked by the numerous "shadow" and staggered between the envoys of the "light and shadow", the mysterious realm of the fighting action drama of the "true world and the other world".

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