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Anime Profile: Monster Rancher

USA Info
Japanese Info
Monster Rancher Monster Farm: Enbanseki no Himitsu Monster Rancher
72 TV episodes 72 TV episodes
August 30, 1999–Sept 19, 2001 April 17, 1999–March 25, 2000
Bohbot Entertainment/ADV Films TMS/TBS
  Tecmo(based on the Video Game Series)
  Hiroyuki Yano
Fantasy, Adventure Fantasy, Adventure
-- listed below -- -- listed below --

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Anime Characters: Monster Rancher

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Genki --?-- Hare --?--
Moo --?-- Holly --?--
Big Blue --?-- Mocchi --?--
Gally --?-- Pixie --?--
Golem --?-- Suezo --?--
Greywolf --?-- Tiger of the Wind --?--

Anime Description: Monster Rancher

Young but energetic Genki had always been into the Monster thing. He proved it when he led a team to victory in a national monster competition and got his hands on something so new it wasn't even in stores yet.

So excited that he didn't even stop for a snack, he popped in the disc and started playing.

And that's when it happened. Genki was transported into the world of the monsters.

Now, together with Holly and a ragtag group of monsters, they must stop Moo and his horde of Baddies by seeking out and reviving the legendary monster called Phoenix, whose mystic power can heal the war-torn land and save its lost souls.

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