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Kohei MoriokaKohei Morioka (森 耕平)Kohei Morioka (Moon Phase)Kohei Morioka (Moon Phase)
Early 20sEarly 20s
Black/dark brownBlack/dark brown
Type BType B
"I am not your slave""I am not your slave"
Jason LiebrechtHiroshi Kamiya
Moon PhaseTsukuyomi Moon Phase

Character Description: Kohei Morioka

Kohei Morioka is a photographer who one day during a trip to Germany saw a girl in a white dress sitting on a roof. He thought she was a ghost, but Kohei is not a spiritual person, so he assumed she was really human. The next night he came back with his friend and cousin to look, but she was not there, so he decided to go inside. While looking inside he saw a picture of the girl, then he saw the girl again.Sshe said she needed help so he decided to help her. She said she would give him a present, and he said okay, so she leaped into his arms embracing him and slowly pressing her lips to his neck. He felt a sharp pain, blood ran down his neck, and she pulled herself away, grinning, saying these words: "Now you are my slave".

He stared in confusion, then upon figuring out what she had just said, quickly disagreed. This made her infuriated in disappointment, but he still agreed to help. She took him by the hand and said lets go. They when though various hallways but every corner they turned seemed to be the same thing. Then when all was quiet, Vins came out of the ground caathing the girl in a tangled web. She yelled to the boy "Go on I will be okay". He dashed and came to a door that was open where sitting on a stool was an orb glowing bright red. The boy ran to break the round object but out of the ground came a stone dragon. The boy tried to get around but could not, then this blue light came shooting up out of the ground piercing the dragon. The dragon exploded and the girl came running into the room. The boy went up to the orb and threw it to the ground. A white light brightened the room and the girl disappeared into nowhere.

A few hours later, the boy was home again. Walking into the house, there at his table was the girl from the castle....

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