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Character Profile: Sorata Muon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sorata Muon Sorata Muon(無音 宙太) Sorata Muon (Mouse)
Mouse Mouse
· · ·
Squeak(by his students) Chuu-chan(by his students)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 20's Mid 20's
Black Black
Brown Brown
College art student College art student
George Grant Kappei Yamaguchi
Steal 01: "The Name is Mouse" Steal 01: "The Name is Mouse"
Mouse Mouse

Character Description: Sorata Muon

Sorata Muon doesn't seem to be that harmless. A young college art teacher, Muon is often harassed by three of his fellow teachers, Mei Momozono, Yayoi Kuribayashi, and Kakio Hazuki for not being too serious about his job. And he is often courted by three of his female students, one of them being Machiko Tsukioka.

However, Muon has a secret – he is the latest in a 400 year-old line to inherit the title of Mouse, a thief known for his overwhelming success, and Mei, Yayoi, and Kakio are his willing servants – as well as his lovers, as much as he would like to avoid sex! As Mouse, Muon has access to a vast array of transports and other technologies to help him. He will also NEVER abandon anyone working for him, even if it's to his advantage. Strangely, though, he is also friends with Inspector Minami and his daughter Rika, who are unaware that Muon is Mouse.

Muon has a few personality quirks, though. Although he would like to avoid sex whenever he can with his servants, when he gets drunk, his libido increases astronomically, to the point he can have sex with a great number of women without showing any ill effects. But when he sobers-up, he cannot remember ANYTHING of what he did! He also has a fear of stag beetles, owing to an embarrassing experience he had when he was a little boy.

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