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Kyoto AnimationKyoto Animation
Yoshiji Kigami
7 Heads βŠ• 7 Heads βŠ•
· · ·
Akuto βŠ• Akuto βŠ•
· · ·
Chikara Hidaka βŠ• Chikara Hidaka βŠ•
· · ·
Gas βŠ• Gas βŠ•
· · ·
Guntarl βŠ• Guntarl βŠ•
· · ·
Ichiko Ono βŠ• Ichiko Ono βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Munto

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
7 Heads βŠ• 7 Heads βŠ• Leica βŠ• Leica βŠ•
Akuto βŠ• Akuto βŠ• Munto βŠ• Munto βŠ•
Chikara Hidaka βŠ• Chikara Hidaka βŠ• Nozomi Hidaka βŠ• Nozomi Hidaka βŠ•
Gas βŠ• Gas βŠ• Ryuley βŠ• Ryuley βŠ•
Guntarl βŠ• Guntarl βŠ• Shigeru Hidaka βŠ• Shigeru Hidaka βŠ•
Ichiko Ono βŠ• Ichiko Ono βŠ• Suzume Imamura βŠ• Suzume Imamura βŠ•
Irita βŠ• Irita βŠ• Toche βŠ• Toche βŠ•
Kazuya Takamori βŠ• Kazuya Takamori βŠ• Yumemi Hidaka βŠ• Yumemi Hidaka βŠ•

Description: Munto

In our world, having special talents are not that unusual. But for those who have extraordinary ones, like Yumemi Hidaka, who happens to be one who possesses the power to see the heavens hanging above our Earth, is rare.

Ever since Yumemi was a little girl, she always thought that others could also see the world in the sky too. Yumemi would get teased and be called a liar by the other children because they didn't see anything at all, and none would seem to believe Yumemi except for two girls who later became her close friends: Ichiko and Suzume. They could not see the world Yumemi saw, but they stayed by her throughout the years.

Despite Yumemi's unique ability, however, she could not see what peril and dangers the magical heavens were facing as different parts of the world in the sky raged against each other in war, and were on the brink of total collapse in which would eventually lead to both our demise.

The magical realm above had a young king named Munto, who is a bit arrogant, yet is a good ruler to his kingdom and people. Even though his duties and his attempts to keep order were strong, he could not correct the irregular flow of Akuto, in which is the power that binds and keeps balance in our world and theirs, all by himself. Munto also had enemies that wished to see him dead so that they can rule over the magical kingdom and they chose this time of chaos to attack and assault, speeding up the process of everyone's downfall by disrupting even further the power of Akuto. Time was running out.

Munto's advisor, who had the power to see into the future, Ryuley, instructed Munto to make contact with a human on Earth. A human that had the ability to see their own world and yet is a young middle school child: Yumemi, the Girl of Destiny.

Both Munto and Yumemi must work together in order to save both the worlds from destruction. However, will the fate of all the heavens and here on Earth resting in Yumemi's hands prove to be too much for her?

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