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Character Profile: Ginko

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ginko Ginko(ギンコ) Ginko (Mushishi)
Ginko (Mushishi)
Yoki Yoki
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 30's Mid 30's
White White
Green Green
Mushishi Mushishi
Travis Willingham Yuto Nakano(中野裕斗)
Episode 1, "The Green Seat" Episode 1, "The Green Seat"
Mushishi Mushishi

Character Description: Ginko

Not much is known about Ginko, except that he's a mushi master, or mushishi, a person who knows almost everything about mushi, those mysterious lifeforms that are neither good nor evil, but from time-to-time can cause humans harm or good. A somewhat laid-back person, he seems to be unusually attractive to mushi, so he constantly travels across Japan, never staying in one place for too long, mostly to avoid contact with mushi. He also smokes constantly, mostly to keep mushi away.

Ginko also has one eye, a result from contact with a particular form of mushi, which also explains his white hair. He is also a good friend of Adashino, who collects items related to mushi, and Nui, a female mushishi.

Character Description: Ginko

Ginko is a travailing mushi master who travels Japan. He can't stay in one place for to long because he attracts mushi. His odd eye and hair color has to do with an accident that happened when he was about ten. His mother and others were buried in a landslide and he is the only known survivor. He was then rescued by Nui.

At first Nui said that he could stay until his leg healed but at some point she came to like Yoki (Ginko's original name). On the land where he lived there was a pond with white one eye fish in it. Silver mushi called Ginko live in Tokoyami causing this change with continue to be around there light.

Eventually Nui was swallowed by the Tokoyami and Yoki tried to fallow to her. She was very disappointed to see him there. She lead him to the Ginko that would take him away for the prize of his left eye. This is were his memory starts thought his first memory is walking though the forest. He doesn't even remember his name so he names himself Ginko.

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