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Anime Profile: My Brother's Wife

USA Info
Japanese Info
My Brother's Wife (Vanilla Series)Aniyome (兄 嫁 前)My Brother's Wife
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
May 30, 20062004
Critical Mass
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Azusa βŠ• Azusa βŠ•
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Misa βŠ• Misa βŠ•
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Miwa βŠ• Miwa βŠ•
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Satoshi βŠ• Satoshi βŠ•
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Takashi βŠ• Takashi βŠ•

Description: My Brother's Wife

Alrighty! Vanilla Series is back with another weird-twist-of-fate tale. In this one, the main focus is on a boy named Takashi. Takashi is a student (college in the US version, high school in the Japanese version) who lives with his older brother, Satoshi. Takashi feels like he has lived in Satoshi's shadow his entire life, as if Satoshi was the perfect man who could do know wrong... and of course, that severly bugs Takashi. Ah, but the thing that gets Takashi the most is that his wonderful, perfect brother married Miwa, the girl with whom Takashi fell deeply in love. If only she knew... if only he had been able to express his feelings to her, maybe she would be his now, and not his brother's.

My Brother's Wife But that's not the end of it. Our timid little Takashi's best friend, Misa, happens to Miwa's younger sister. Takashi and Misa have been friends since childhood, and even though they're in the same grade, Misa always makes Takashi feel inferior to her. Not only does she constantly brag about being the prettiest girl in school (and there's a good chance she's not exaggerating), she also always gets better grades than Takashi. Yep, life sure can be frustraing for poor, meek Takashi. If only there were a way for him to get up his self confidence and take control of his life....

My Brother's Wife So anyway, on a completely unrelated note, Takashi and Misa had not too long ago made a bet as to who between them would get the highest score on the mid terms. The loser would become the other's slave for a week, and today the results were finally posted. Misa, having always outscored Takashi, seemed to be looking forward to having Takashi as her slave, but appearance changed drastically once the two of them found their scores, and Takashi had just narrowly scored higher than Misa. That put a big smile on Takashi's face. Now, what to do with a slave...?

My Brother's Wife Later that afternoon Misa received a text message on her cell. It was from Takashi, addressed to "my slave", and simply asked "What color are your panties?". After Misa got over her initial shock, she conceited and answered Takashi's question, but it wasn't with a text message... don't you just love camera phones? I know Takashi sure does. He even made sure Misa knew what he was planning on doing with her photo later on that night. I'm not sure if he ever got to carry out his plan, however, because later that evening something else came up.

My Brother's Wife As Takashi was out taking a stroll that night, he stumbled across Azusa, his beautiful and busty teacher, who at one time dated his brother, Satoshi. She was so drunk that she could barely even stand, not wanting her to get fired if anyone else found her like this, helped her to her home. Once there, she seemed to almost instanly sober up a bit. She began to thank Takashi for his kindness, and ended up making him a man. This truly was Takashi's turning point, for not only did Azusa help greatly improve his self-confidence with women, but over the next few days she also helped him to dress better and improve his over-all self-confidence. And the best part is, we're not even half-way through the anime at this point!

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