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Anime Profile: My My Mai

USA Info
Japanese Info
My My MaiMy My Mai: Make Me Wanna Be With You! (その気にさせてよ my マイ 舞)My My Mai
4 OVA episodes4 OVA episodes
May 14, 2002; May 24, 2005 (re-release)1996
Central Park Media/U.S. Manga Corp.JC Staff/Marsa Co./Apple Video
Masakazu Yamaguchi (manga)
Osamu Sekita
Comedy, Ecchi, HentaiComedy, Ecchi, Hentai
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Black Count/Dr. Ben K. ShinobiBlack Count/Dr. Ben K. Shinobi
· · ·
Mai WakuMai Waku
· · ·
Ai ⊕ Ai ⊕
· · ·
Kasumi ⊕ Kasumi ⊕
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: My My Mai

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Black Count/Dr. Ben K. Shinobi Black Count/Dr. Ben K. Shinobi Ryouichi Kudou ⊕ Ryouichi Kudou ⊕
Mai Waku Mai Waku Satan ⊕ Satan ⊕
Ai ⊕ Ai ⊕ Shinjuku Granny ⊕ Shinjuku Granny ⊕
Kasumi ⊕ Kasumi ⊕ Yua ⊕ Yua ⊕
Mii ⊕ Mii ⊕

Description: My My Mai

Mai Waku is a consultant, someone you call when you need a problem solved. Think MacGyver, but with breasts. Oh yeah, and instead of using cleverly pieced together gadgets as solutions during awkward situations, more times than not she just ends up loosing her clothes. Starting to get the idea here?

We first meet the lovely Mai when she is asked by a dying girl's parents to locate and bring back the illusive Dr. Ben K. Shinobi, who is supposedly the only doctor in the world that can save Kasumi, their daughter. Mai begins her search in the seedy Shinjuku district, but before she gets very far she's mistakenly pulled into a Cabaret restaurant and hired as a waitress. All she wanted to do was ask directions from the man out front, and now she finds herself dressed in... well... hardly anything! Then, intead of just walking out, she actually starts working

My My Mai Well, it's not long before the lovely lade begins to get harassed by a couple of thugs. And just when it looks like she's going to end up becoming their plaything, an extremely handsome, well-built man known as the Black Count leaps to her rescue! He takes out the punks like they were nothing, using his exceptional acupuncture skill as his only means of attack. Then he turns around and unexpectedly declares that he absolutely must have Mai's perfect body, and immeidatly throws the maiden over his should and takes her upstairs to a vacant room. All the while she fruitless declares that she's just not that kind of girl, but her please go unheard by the Balck Count.

My My Mai Once inside, she's tossed to the bed. Mai braces herself for what she knows is about to happen, while continuing to profess that she is not that kind of girl. Downstairs, the other waitresses can hear it all, and they sure seem jealous! Because of all her pleading, they even remark that this must be her first time with the Black Count. The next thing we know, the defiant plees are replace by moans of pleasure. And as we discover shortly thereafter, the Black Count is a top notch masseuse!

Being the gentleman that he is, the Black Count agrees to help Mai on her mission to find Dr. Ben K. Shinobi, so they head off to find Shinjuku Granny, as she supposedly knows the location of the man they're after. Once they get there, however, she says that she's unable to help. Still, it seems that she actually knows more than she's letting on. What secret is the old woman hiding? Despite Granny's best efforts, Mai is about to unintentionally find out soon enough, and trust me, she is not going to like it!

My My Mai The second episode finds our lovely Mai lending her services to a hunky, and apparently very famous musical celebrity who is about to star in his first motion picture. At first, it seems as if he's going to ask Mai to help with his extreme paparazzi paranoia, but then we discover that is the least of his worries. You see, the movie contains a love scene, and so he needs help overcoming a deep-rooted psychological condition which causes him to break out in hives whenever he touches a naked woman.

My My Mai First Mai needs to determine the guy's limits, so she ties him to a chair proceeds to do a strip tease. She gets down to her lingerie pretty quickly, but it has no effect on him, so she unties one of his hands and places under her bra... and that did it! His body completely breaks out in hives, and his head becomes bright red, grows to 10 times its original size, and gets some kind of metal helmet on it somehow. I assume it's supposed to be a reference to some Japanese figure, but this isn't explained anywhere on the DVD. The guy's reaction is so extreme that after seeing this, May is at a loss at how to treat this fellow. Ah, but then inspiration strikes!

My My Mai She'll use his paparazzi paranoia to get him to overcome his intimacy issue! So she lets him overhear her talking on the phone to the press telling them to come over and she'll tell them everything. As expected, the guy absolutely freaks when he hears this, and tries to scram out of there as quick as he can. It's then he realizes that his escape is being thwarted by a chain attached to his wrist, connected to... Mai! Mai taunts him with the key, right before dropping it down her shirt. Will he be able to get the key before the press arrive? Will this cure him of his deep-seeded issue and save his career? There's only one way to find out! Ummm, actually I suppose there's more than one way, but watching the DVD is definitely the most entertaining way.

My My Mai Two more episodes follow, the next one being my all-time personal favorite, where we return six months later to the still dying Kasumi and find out that she is actually possessed by the devil. Yu, Mai's rival, is introduced in this episode, and her method of problem solving just cracked me up. Then when Mai entered the picture and showed off her solution, it became even more side-splittingly hilarious! The forth and final episode introduces some of Mai's friends, although it does it in such a way as if we were expected to already have known them from previous episodes, even though they had never appeared. Together, they investigate a mysterious haunted hotel in an attempt to uncover the strange goings on, and what they discover is definitely not what they expected!

Note: The DVD re-release will be selling for only $9.99.

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