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Anime Profile: My Pico

USA Info
Japanese Info
My Pico Boku no Pico(ぼくのぴこ) My Pico
· · ·
Pico & Chico Pico to Chico(ぴことちこ)
· · ·
Pico × CoCo × Chico Pico × Coco × Chico(ぴこ×CoCo×ちこ )
3 OVA episodes 3 OVA episodes
2006–2007 2006–2007
  Natural High
  Katsuhiko Katayama
  Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Ecchi, Hentai, Romance Ecchi, Hentai, Romance
Big Sister  
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Characters: My Pico

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Big Sister --?-- Pico Pico
Chico Chico Tamotsu Tamotsu
Grandfather --?--    

Anime Description: My Pico

A young adult known as Tamotsu meets a young boy known as Pico. Pico is an adolescent boy that acts very feminine, and has no friends. Pico and Tamotsu soon begin to engage in a sexual relationship.

Anime Description: My Pico Pico & Chico

Pico finds a friend named Chico swimming naked in the river one day. He goes to Chico's house and meets his sister. While hanging out in the attic, Pico and Chico see Chico's sister through the crack in the floor... masturbating! Chico, as young as he is, has no idea what's going on. To explain it, Pico introduces Chico to the world of sex.

Anime Description: My Pico Pico × CoCo × Chico

Pico meets a runaway one night. She's a girl who lives in a fort under a subway in Tokyo named Coco. Pico ends up falling in love with this new friend, despite his relationship with Chico. One night, while Coco's masturbating while Pico's staying over, Pico discovers that this girl is really a boy!

To make the relationship between Pico and Chico worse, Pico catches Chico and Coco getting close and having sex! How will this relationship work out? Will it?

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