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Character Profile: Jun Aoi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jun Aoi Jun Aoi Jun Aoi (Martian Successor Nadesico)
Human Human
Male Male
20 years 20 years
Black Black
Brown/black Brown/black
5'8" 172 cm
128 lbs 58 kg
Executive Officer of the Nadesico Executive Officer of the Nadesico
Mark Laskowski Kentaro Ito
Martian Successor Nadesico Kidou Senkan Nadesico

Character Description: Jun Aoi

Jun is serious about two things: the military and Yurika. He cares deeply for Yurika even though she doesn't tend to return the affection. When he learns about Akito, he becomes extremely jealous, and he really blows a gasket when the Nadesico (captained by Yurika) tries to flee Earth. He even goes so far as to undergo the nanomachine treatment so he could pilot a robot to stop the escape. Though he loses the fight, he's rescued by Gai and Akito and taken aboard the Nadesico. No one seems to mind that he had just tried to shoot them down, and Yurika is happy to have him along, so he becomes Executive Officer, practically bound to Captain Yurika.

So while he's here, he might as well carry out his duty. He's a good, solid officer, and he still worries constantly over Yurika, but he handles the situation the best he can. Even if she doesn't notice, if it'll help her out, he'll do it.

Character Description: Jun Aoi

Jun Aoi is Nadesico's second in command, and Yurika's fiancé. Jun is a serious officer and is probably the "straight" man of the ship. He cares about Earth and only wants to do what is best for it. Jun is pretty much just a background character, but the ship would fall apart without him. His only companionship comes from Prospector, Akatsuki, and Seiya grieving together as the entire female crew goes ga-ga over Akito.

In The Prince of Darkness, Jun captains the battleship Amaryllis.

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