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Jean RatliqueJean RatliqueJean Ratlique (The Secret of Blue Water)
14 years old14 years old
Light BrownLight Brown
Aspiring inventorAspiring inventor
Nathan ParsonsNoriko Hidaka
The Secret of Blue WaterFushigi No Umi No Nadia

Character Description: Jean Ratlique

Jean is a young boy who happens to be an aspiring inventor. His inventions do not always work out, but he always keeps a positive attitude and believes in the good of everyone, even Nadia. Pure, innocent, intelligent, energetic, and compassionate, he is the sort of boy ANYONE would want to have as a friend, and, yes, love.

Jean lost his father when he was young, and lives with his enthusiastic uncle and grumpy aunt, but he always finds ways to keep himself happy and from slipping into angst and depression. This is not to say that he doesn't get upset, though; he is greatly crushed when a new friend of his, Ensign Fait, a Nautilus engineer, is killed by technology, and even more shocked to learn about his father's death. And, even though he continually forgives Nadia for her occasional impulsive rages, he is not untouched by them, as we discover in a song he writes for her much later on.

Jean displays loyalty and great courage throughout the show, and is never mean or malicious. That is, he would never stamp over anyone else's feelings or get angry easily, unlike Nadia. He deals with Nadia's irrational arguments about meat-eating and killing with a calm attitude. This is not to say he is perfect, though. Sometimes he can be so involved with a project that he is oblivious to anything else and occasionally asks rude questions... but he does both with a tremendous sense of naivete and innocence that it is difficult to get angry at him, much less dislike him.

That Jean had the kindness, love, and patience to rescue Nadia, tame, and even change her for the better - forgiving her all the while for her mistakes - is a very rare quality in most people indeed. Not just in Nadia, but in Grandis, Sanson, Hanson, and even Captain Nemo as well. His compassion and caring qualities make him one of the most endearing boy protagonists ever to be present in any Anime. Nadia's voice actress, Meg Bauman, says in an interview, "If I found a guy that had the courageous and caring qualities like Jean, I would be with him in a heartbeat."

Jean has never had much experience with girls before, as it shows the fact that flattery doesn't come naturally, but he is always honest and loyal, which is what melts Nadia's tormented heart and wins her over.

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