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NadiaNadiaNadia (The Secret of Blue Water)
14 years old14 years old
Meg BaumanYoshino Takamori
The Secret of Blue WaterFushigi No Umi No Nadia

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Nadia

Nadia has lived an unhappy life in the circus and treated like a slave. Her only friends have been animals; a lion cub called King is her pet. She is the possessor of the Blue Water, a relic that flashes and beeps whenever troubles occur, and that's all she knows about her past. She doesn't allow herself to trust anybody or get close to them because of fears that they may: 1) Take advantage of her and/or betray her, 2) Disappear from her life forever.

When she is rescued by Jean, however, she slowly begins to open her heart out to him. Overwhelmed by his kindness, Nadia finds herself falling in love with Jean, but her fears of betrayal prevent her from admitting it even to herself. She is also very inept at social behavior skills and doesn't know how to respond to situations. This shows in certain scenes, such as when she throws a bratty fit in front of Jean out of frustration that he doesn't notice a dress she puts on, or even remembers a kiss she gave him while he was intoxicated from hallucinogetic mushrooms. Her behavior is also destructive; she screams at Jean that she detests him at least three times in the show, but deep down, this is not the case. Besides, she still tries to seek him out and is not afraid to save his life whenever he is endangered.

Nadia She also has very stubborn, rigid opinions about eating meat and killing, and disrespects anybody's opinions that differ from hers. Even Jean's logical reasoning is not enough to change her mind.

During the filler episodes, she varies between going completely insane and being mellow, but this is probably because of how she responds to what she learns about her past. She has always believed that she is from Africa, but her discoveries about her past turn out to be anything but idyllic. Terrified, Nadia tries -unsuccessfully- to escape from everything. First, on the early Island episodes, Nadia runs off into the jungle to live with nature, turning her back on everything scientific (and Jean) in the process, yet returns to get food cans for herself and ends up smashing them. She soon learns, however, that she can't survive without technology, and returns to Jean. In a much later sequence (Episodes 32 & 33) - a story that should never have been told - when they arrive at Africa, she encounters a Native warrior, Hamahama, who appears to recognize her and accept her. The narrator claims she "fell madly in love", but in reality, she tries to use him to escape from her impending fate of bringing destruction to the world, once again treating Jean cruelly in the process. But she becomes shocked when she discovers the guy is betrothed to another!

She does change her ways, however, as a result of hanging around Jean, and, as the show progresses, she becomes a much better person.

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