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Japanese Info
Najica HiragiNajica HiiragiNajica Hiragi (Najica: Blitz Tactics)
27 years27 years
Light BrownLight Brown
36-23-35"92-58-89 cm
Type ABType AB
Perfume Designer/Secret AgentPerfume Designer/Secret Agent
Kira Vincent-DavisYumi Touma
Episode 1: A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in her HandEpisode 1: A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in her Hand
Najica: Blitz TacticsNajica Dengekisakusen

Character Description: Najica Hiragi

Prim and proper; bold and beautiful; professional work, professional looks, professional body. That's Najica Hiiragi in a nutshell. Men want to meet her, and women want to be her.

To the world at large, she is the premier perfume designer for CRI Cosmetics. With the help of her assistant Kirala, she's been working to create an ultimate line of perfume called the Day Series: one for every day of the week. The key to her success in perfumes is her nose. She has the ability to identify and distinguish over 500 different smells, and she's been putting this nose to use as she travels the world looking for that one scent she needs to finish Sunday, the last perfume in the Day Series.

What the public doesn't realize is that the CRI Corporation is also a private intelligence agency, and Najica, besides being its top perfume designer, is also its top secret agent. Whenever Najica receives a rose, it's a sign that she has an assignment. In addition to her unique sense of smell, Najica is skilled in infiltration and hand-to-hand combat. Her preferred firearm is the Stechkin APS. This old Russian pistol provides two unique and useful features: a 20-round magazine and a wooden holster that doubles as a butt stock for when bracing is necessary. She also can fly and remotely control an attack helicopter.

Up to the present, Najica has been a lone wolf. She liked it that way because it allowed her to work at her top form without anyone slowing her down. This is what makes her so reluctant to accept Lila as her partner. In her mind, she has no time to be teaching this "near-human" the basics of being an agent when she has a job to do. It goes against her professionalism.

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