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USA Info
Japanese Info
NanaNana (γƒŠγƒŠ)Nana
47 TV episodes
July 7, 2006 (1st DVD)
Madhouse Studios
Ai Yazawa
Morio Asaka
Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice-of-lifeComedy, Drama, Romance, Slice-of-life
Junko SaotomiJunko Saotomi
· · ·
Nana "Hachi" KomatsuNana "Hachi" Komatsu
· · ·
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Characters: Nana

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Junko Saotomi Junko Saotomi Yasushi "Yasu" Takagi Yasushi "Yasu" Takagi
Nana "Hachi" Komatsu Nana "Hachi" Komatsu Naoki Fujieda βŠ• Naoki Fujieda βŠ•
Nana Osaki Nana Osaki Reira Serizawa βŠ• Reira Serizawa βŠ•
Nobuo "Nobu" Terashima Nobuo "Nobu" Terashima Shinichi "Shin" Okazaki βŠ• Shinichi "Shin" Okazaki βŠ•
Ren Honjo Ren Honjo

Description: Nana

Well, to put a long story short, Nana is about two girls who are the same age, have the same name, and share an apartment together, yet they are both totally different, or so they think.

Nana "Hachi" Komatsu is a ditsy girl who, in her head, thinks she's easy and can never find a job because of her lazyness. She went to Tokyo to live with her high school sweetheart, Shoji.

Then there is Nana Osaki, a singer in the rock band Black Stones, or BLAST for short. She travels to Tokyo to make her big break and maybe reunite with her old love, Ren, who moved to Tokyo two years before her to join the band TRAPNEST.

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