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Character Profile: Nana Komatsu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nana Komatsu Nana Komatsu(小松奈々) Nana Komatsu (Nana)
Hachi Hachi(ハチ)
Human Human
Female Female
19 years old 19 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Roommate of Nana Osaki Roommate of Nana Osaki
Kelly Sheridan Kaori
Episode 1 Episode 1
Nana Nana

Character Description: Nana Komatsu

Coming from a large and happy family, Nana Komatsu seems to view life somewhat naively. Before coming to Tokyo, she had fallen in love with Shoji Endo, although she had a ill-fated relationship with a married man when Shoji went to Tokyo to study art. She only stayed in her hometown until she heard Shoji had graduated and gotten a steady job, after which she impulsively quit the job she had and gotten on a train to join him. But the train ran into bad weather and was hours overdue – which was when she met Nana Osaki, who was on the same train to start a new life in Tokyo. Even though the two separated when they arrived, they were reunited when, by chance, they were interested in the same apartment.

As stated before Nana Komatsu is often impulsive and apt to fall in love with the first man that she sees. Her faithfulness kindness has led Nana Osaki to nickname the girl "Hachi" (after Hachiko, the dog that had faithfully waited for years for his dead master at Tokyo's Shibuya train station. A statue of the dog now sits at the place he waited). Even though in love with Shoji, she is often in fear of spoiling their relationship because of her neediness. She has also fell in love with Takumi and Nobu.

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