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Character Profile: Nana Osaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nana Osaki Nana Osaki Nana Osaki (Nana)
Human Human
Female Female
20 years old(source: manga volume 1)(born March 5th 1981) 20 years old(source: manga volume 1)(born March 5th 1981)
Black Black
5'4" 162 cm
94.8 lbs 43 kg
Rebecca Shoichet Romi Paku, Anna Tsuchiya(singing voice)
Episode 1 Episode 1
Nana Nana

Character Description: Nana Osaki

Nana is the lead singer of the band BLAST! She moved from her hometown to Tokyo in hopes of making it big in the music business, but she had to leave her members behind as they stayed for the own reasons. On her way she met a girl with the same name and enjoyed each others company, they parted ways without another word and later fate stepped in for the two to meet again when looking for an apartment. In the end both end up becoming roommates. Nana enjoys the company of Nana, who she quickly nicknames Hachi, and treats her more like a pet than a person. But neither mind.

Nana wears gothic clothing and can be a little short tempered when she doesn't get what she wants and is sort of an independent woman, but at times depends on almost everyone. Nana once dated Ren when they lived back in their hometown and they had the band together, but he ended up leaving to help another band to fame and left her behind, after a string of events she sees him again. Soon their dating again, but trying to keep it on the down low... after all Ren is famous now and Nana wants to become famous, but not because she is Ren's woman, but because she did it her self.

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