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Japanese Info
Ren HonjoRen HonjoRen Honjo (Nana)
22 years old22 years old
6'0"182 cm
141.1 lbs64 kg
Type AType A
Trapnest's guitaristTrapnest's guitarist
"Actually... the reason Yasu has a bald head.... is because a coin-sized bald area appeared on his head one day."
Samuel VincentKiuchi Hidenobu
Episode 4Episode 4

Character Description: Ren Honjo

According to Nobuo Terashima, Ren was abandoned outside a warehouse shortly after his birth. It even made the news. Ren is proud of this since not many people can say they've been a celebrity since birth. Ren met Nana Osaki through Nobuo when he took her to one of Ren's concerts when he was still a part of another band.

Later on, he formed a band with Yasu as the leader and drummer, himself as bassist, Nobuo as guitarist and Nana as lead vocals. They called the band Blast, short for Black Stones. Subsequently, he fell in love with Nana. Nana was also the one who gave Ren the lock around his neck with the letter "R" on it, which she has the only key to.

In their hometown, Blast was successful, but it was doubtful they would ever make it big. He was invited to join Trapnest as their guitarist. Nana had decided that she would not go with him to Tokyo, and when Ren left, the two broke up.

When Hachi (Nana Komatsu) learned about Nana's previous relationship with Ren, she invited her back to her own hometown to go see a Trapnest concert with her. Later that same night, when Nana went to the hotel Ren was staying at with the other members of Trapnest with the intentions of ending everything by giving Ren the key to the lock, she was unable to do so and the two 'made-up.'

Like Nana, Ren let's his pride get in the way of his well-being. He smokes, drinks, and has a drug problem.

Several times he has said that he wouldn't mind having a family, but Nana replies that she isn't ready to have kids and start a family. She most likely wants to make it big with Blast before she would consider having kids and starting a family. He has asked her to marry him though.

However, he frequently teases Nana and Layla. A gag in the series is that he gets purposefully intimate with Shin in front of Nana.

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