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The World of NarueNarue no Sekai (成恵の世界) ("The World of Narue")The World of Narue
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The World of Narue
12 TV episodes (25 min. each)
April - June 2003
US Manga CorpsToshiba Digital Frontier
Tomohiro Marukawa
Hiromitsu Morita
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Kanaka NanaseKanaka Nanase
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Kazuto IizukaKazuto Iizuka
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Characters: The World of Narue

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Bathyscaphe Bathyscaphe Ran Ran
Haruna Haruna Rei Rei
Kanaka Nanase Kanaka Nanase Rin Rin
Kazuto Iizuka Kazuto Iizuka Tadashi Nanase Tadashi Nanase
Maruo Masaki Maruo Masaki Tale Messer Tale Messer
Narue Nanase Narue Nanase Yagi Hajime Yagi Hajime

Description: The World of Narue

Fourteen year-old junior high student Kazuto Iizuka is just your normal student, kind-hearted with a rather passive personality. He doesn't show much interest in girls, unlike his friend, "Mr. Ladies-Man" Maruo Masaki. But this would all change one day when Kazuto meets Narue Nanase, a 14 year old girl studying in the same school... and an alien. Yes, that's right, an ALIEN... or actually half-alien.

Narue saves Kazuto from an alien attacker one day, and before he could thank her, she disappears. Being the grateful person that he is, Kazuto searches for Narue and when he finds her, thanks her and invites her for tea. Narue then tries to discourage Kazuto from courting her since she feels that it wouldn't work between the two of them. Kazuto tells her that he doesn't mind whether she seems to act weird or strange, or anything else... including even if she were really an alien. This touches Narue so much that she agrees to let Kazuto accompany her home.

When an alien assassin tries to attack Narue's father at home, Kazuto valiantly tries to help out. Narue is so happy that Kazuto didn't seem to mind what had happened, only that she and her father were all right. So she teleports him high above Earth, into space, to show him hundreds of starships in orbit, saying that this is her (alien) world. Kazuto now has an alien girlfriend!

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