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DeidaraDeidaraDeidara (Naruto)
19 years old (source: Naruto databook 3) (born May 5th)19 years old (source: Naruto databook 3) (born May 5th)
Greenish BlueGreenish Blue
5'5" (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)166 cm (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)
112 lbs (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)50.8 kg (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)
Type ABType AB
Akatsuki Member, S-class CriminalAkatsuki Member, S-class Criminal
Quinton Flynn (episode 135); Roger C. Smith (Hurricane Chronicles)Katsuhiko Kawamoto
Episode 135 (anime), Chapter 247 (manga)Episode 135 (anime), Chapter 247 (manga)

Character Description: Deidara

Deidara is one of the members of Akatsuki we see in the later manga, and an S-class criminal from The Village Hidden in the Stone/Rock (Iwagakure). He used to be a professional bomber from Iwagakure. When Pein took an interest in his skills, Pein sent Itachi to recruit him into the Akatsuki. Deidara refused and put up a fight, but Itachi defeated him and he was forced to join the Akatsuki. Deidara maintained a deep loathing for Itachi from that point further and became determined to defeat him, even training one of his eyes to overcome Itachi's signature ability: genjutsu.

Although Deidara has a feminine appearance, he is definitely male, and his voice is more masculine and low in the anime. Deidara is first seen in the anime as a mysterious figure before the 2 1/2 year time skip. In the manga, we see a more clear version when he and his partner, Sasori, or Sasori-danna (Master Sasori), head to the village Hidden in the Sand (Sunagakure) to capture Gaara.

Deidara uses a technique with the two mouths on his hands. He uses clay from his bag, feeds it into his mouth on his hand and adds in chakra to make a bomb that explodes without the uses of explosive tags. Deidara usually chooses birds but is seen using spiders when he took out the sky patrol. Deidara used his masterpiece (no. 18) when he fought Gaara and threatened to blow up the village. Deidara was ordered to capture Gaara and take him back to the Akatsuki to extract his Bijuu (Shukaku). Deidara won, capturing Gaara, though Deidara's arm is crushed in the process thanks to Gaara's Sand Coffin.

Deidara (Naruto) Deidara was later seen fighting Kakashi and Naruto after Gaara was killed. Deidara often flies on one of his clay birds to put distance between him and his opponent since he uses long range battle techniques. Deidara lost part of right his arm when Kakashi used his Mangekyou Sharingan and put it seemingly into another dimension (it's eventually recovered and sown back on by Kakuzu). Deidara managed to throw Naruto and the others off his trail by creating an explosion out of himself, but he buried himself under the ground and survived. Tobi finds it first and suspects Deidara had died too. Deidara appeared and gave Tobi a piece of his mind for that. Although Deidara seems to have some issues with losing his arms, he does also seem to recover from it okay, as in chapter 356 he holds up both hands when he is about to fight against Sasuke.

Since Sasori, Deidara's partner, was destroyed, Tobi was able to join Akatsuki as Deidara's new partner.

Deidara is very involved with his art as he often argues with Sasori about what true art is; Deidara claims art is a fleeting image of beauty. Deidara also often ends his sentences with "un" ("hmm...") or in the English version subtitled as a "yeah". His physical appearance also consists of a tracker or scope over his eye that's covered by a lock of hair on the left side of his face. Its purpose is to train his eye so that the sharingan would be ineffective against him. Can you tell that had held a grudge against Uchiha and wanted to defeat him?

Sasuke forced him, through his 'ignorance of true art', to use his last technique--a chest mouth that was sealed shut with threads. He fills it with clay during his fight with Sasuke, turning himself into his own 'art' and exploded, spanning 10 kilometers. And though he dies, Sasuke survives. Deidara dedicates his final moments to apologizing to Tobi, appearing to actually be very sorry.

Deidara (Naruto) When all the Akatsuki are positioned on the huge statue on the fingers, sucking Gaara's Bijuu out, Deidara's position on the statue is the right index finger. His ring means Blue-ish Green (Sei).

Deidara first appears in the anime as a shadowy figure at the end of Episode 135. He is the one that is showing only one eye and looking as if he is upside down. He tells the other shadowy figures that they would kill Orochimaru eventually.


Deidara was once a ninja in Iwagakure, although one day left the village for the hope of using his "art" more frequently. Deidara became a terrorist bomber for hire, seeing it as an opportunity to use his "art" on a regular basis. Sometime after Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, Deidara was visited by members Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori, who were under the ordered by Pein, the leader, to recruit Deidara.

Although at first Deidara refused, he got into a small confrontation with Itachi, where Itachi forced Deidara to join by almost fooling Deidara into exploding himself with a clay centipede by genjutsu. Deidara quickly realized he had no chance of winning and recognized the Sharingan as "art". Deidara, having been forced into Akatsuki and taking a huge loss to his ego, carried a loathing for Itachi thoughout all of his time in Akatsuki, though still recognized Itachi as stronger than him.

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