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GamabuntaGamabuntaGamabunta (Naruto)
Chief Toad
Has no hairHas no hair
Yellow with black slitsYellow with black slits
Chief of the toads, Naruto's summoning toadChief of the toads, Naruto's summoning toad
"You really are a little snot."
Michael SorichTakeshi Watabe
Issue 95: A chance Encounter...!!! (manga)Issue 95: A chance Encounter...!!! (manga)

Character Description: Gamabunta

Gamabunta is the Chief of the toads and is much larger then the toad that Jiraiya typically summons. In fact Jiraiya even said that even he could hardly control Gamabunta.

He is a large red toad who wears a blue jacket with a Kanji character on it. His mouth is outlined with red paint as well as other parts of his body. He has a number of silver ball suds piercing his long tongue and holds a long pipe in his mouth.

At first when Naruto summoned him he laughed and said there was no way a child like Naruto could have summoned him. When Gamabunta jumped from the hole that Jiraiya threw Naruto into, Naruto easily falls off Gamabunta. Gamabunta then remarks how nobody that was his henchmen let alone his master would fall of his back. Naruto then jumps back on and says that he will not fall of again and no matter what he will stay on for the remainder of the day.

Gamabunta then spends the rest of the day thrashing around the forest trying to remove Naruto from his back. He even stays under water for a while to see if Naruto will forget the idea and go up for air. He even jumps from a large cliff and lands to unbalance Naruto. It works but using his Shadow clone Jutsu Naruto gets back on... only to faint from exhaustion a few seconds later.

Gamabunta could have dislodged Naruto at any time, but was actually just testing hime to determine if he was a worthy battle companion. Naruto's bragging did annoy Gamabunta somewhat, but he controlled himself and refrained from doing anything that would actually hurt Naruto.

Gamabunta catches him and places him on his back as Jiraiya throws the scroll in which Naruto had signed his name in blood to use the summoning jutsu. Gamabunta then admits he knew all along it had been Naruto not Jiraiya who summoned him and brings Naruto to the hospital. Naruto from that moment on summons Gamabunta in only moments where the situation is bad. He even summons Gamabunta during his fight with Gaara.

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