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Character Profile: Ino Yamanaka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ino Yamanaka Ino Yamanaka(山中いの) Ino Yamanaka (Naruto)
Human Human
Female Female
12 years old(born September 23) 12 years old(born September 23)
· · ·
16 years old(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書) 16 years old(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書)
Blond Blond
Blue Blue
5'0" 151.2 cm
· · ·
5'4"(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書) 162.2 cm(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書)
84.9 lbs 38.5 kg
· · ·
101 lbs(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書) 45.8 kg(in Shippuden)(source: NARUTO秘伝・者の書)
Type B Type B
Genin(entry-level ninja) Genin(entry-level ninja)
"Hey, forehead girl!" "Sasuke-kun!"
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Ryoka Yuzuki
Episode 1: Enter: Naruto Uzamaki! Episode 1: Enter: Naruto Uzamaki!
Naruto Naruto
· · ·
Naruto Hurricane Chronicles Naruto Shippuuden

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Character Description: Ino Yamanaka

Ino is a Genin and was assigned to a team with Akimichi Chouji and Nara Shikamaru. Ino likes Sasuke, which is the main reason why she is Sakura's enemy.

Before both Sakura and Ino liked Sasuke, they were best friends. Ino helped Sakura become more confident and believe in herself when they were younger. Because they once were such good friends, this made it interesting for them to have to fight each other in the preliminary matches of the Chunin Tournament. Ino's favorite move is the Mind Transfer.

Ino has long yellow hair tied in a pony tail, and long bangs in front of her face. Her long hair ended up becoming a symbol of her rivalry with Sakura, as they both grew it long because they heard Sasuke liked long hair. Sakura then cuts it during a battle in the Forest of Death, and later in the chunin exam when she and Ino were chosen to fight for the preliminary rounds, Ino cuts her hair after being called superficial by Sakura. Thankfully, the two of them then became friends again.

Ino's family owns a flower shop.

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