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KakuzuKakuzu (角都)Kakuzu (Naruto)
91 years old (born August 15)91 years old (born August 15)
Dark brown (always wears a white hood)Dark brown (always wears a white hood)
6'1" (part 2)185 cm (part 2)
139.3 lbs (part 2)63.2 kg (part 2)
Type AType A
S-Rank Missing-NinS-Rank Missing-Nin
"You're pretty clever, unlike this IDIOT of a partner""You're pretty clever, unlike this IDIOT of a partner"
Fred TatascioreTakaya Hashi
Chapter 312 (Manga)Chapter 312 (Manga)

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Kakuzu

Kakuzu is a member of the infamous Ataksuki Organization, and is one of the last to be introduced.

Kakuzu, being from the Ataksuki, has a partner, and his is Hidan, and although they apparently don't get along too well, they make a formidable team. Kakuzu constantly irritates his partner with all of his tracking bounty hunts, and in turn, Hidan annoys Kakuzu because of his religion, which slows the group down, and it has even been said by Hidan himself he is the slowest fighter.

Kakuzu's abilities lie in his Elemental affinities. For one thing, Kakuzu is impervious to just about any physical attack, by utilizing the Earth Element to harden his body to take any blow. Another interesting ability is his black tendrels, that allow Kakuzu to detach his limbs to attack at long rage, and can also stitch things, such as stitching Hidan back together when he's cut up by a foe, as seen in there battle against Sarutobi Asuma.

Kakuzu (Naruto) Kakuzu's other ability is revealed when Kakashi Hatake used Chidori against Kakuzu's vital area, his heart. Interestingly enough, Kakuzu had four other hearts in his body, one just being destroyed by Kakashi. He appeared to have shattered a mask, which covered the organ. Kakuzu has the ability to deploy these hearts from his body, keeping his natural one inside, using his new tools to fight. Each mask had an element, and each mask could fire a blast imbued with the Chakra of that element, an easily impressive move.

When Naruto arrived, he used his perfected new Rasengan to destroy two of Kakuzu's other hearts, leaving only one left. However, he was immobilized, and Kakashi in turn took Kakuzu's life, while Hidan was "killed" by Shikamaru. Although Hidan is immortal and thus not truly dead, he is buried and unable to operate, and no longer part of the Ataksuki.

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