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Kimimaro KaguyaKimimaro KaguyaKimimaro Kaguya (Naruto)
15 years old15 years old
Silvery graySilvery gray
Light greenLight green
5'5"166.1 cm
110 lbs49.8 kg
Ex-Commander of Sound FiveEx-Commander of Sound Five
"My mission is to protect Orochimaru-sama and his ambition.""My mission is to protect Orochimaru-sama and his ambition."
Keith SilversteinToshiyuki Morikawa
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Kari Wahlgren (Young Kimimaro)

Character Description: Kimimaro Kaguya

Kimimaro is the last of the Kaguya clan, a group of ninja said to be extremely bloodthirsty and war-loving. Even then, Kimimaro was born so unnaturally strong that he was locked away in a cell for much of his young life by his own people. When the less-than-sane clan decided to attack Hidden Mist village, Kimimaro was finally let out of his cage and given a purpose... to kill those of Mist. But the need to destroy wasn't enough to ensure victory for this clan of ninjas, and they were completely wiped out, all but Kimimaro.

Alone and abandoned once again in the world, the young boy wandered in the wilds until he was picked up by Orochimaru. Having watched the massacre of Mist village, the evil Sennin knew he had found himself a weapon worthy of honing. And the lonely child was completely taken in by the man's manipulative kindness, pledging his life to his Orochimaru-sama.

Kimimaro Given the Earth cursed seal and made the leader of the Sound Five, Kimimaro was instrumental in the preparations for the attack on Konoha village. But in the last minute, he was suddenly overwhelmed by a mysterious illness and unable to assist during the attack. Kabuto cruelly laments this as part of the reason they ultimately failed in their attack.

Kimimaro, despite being put on life support, felt as if he had failed the man who had given him purpose in life. Originally tapped to be Orochimaru's next body, Kimimaro could no longer serve the purpose and now his only wish before dying was to see that the man he served would get what he wants. And what he wanted was Uchiha Sasuke for his next container.

Dragging himself out off his deathbed, the young man stopped Naruto and Shikamaru from taking Sasuke back. Fighting first Naruto, then Lee, Kimimaro's superior experience and ability to use his whole skeleton as a weapon was more than either one could handle. Literally able to mold and then remove bones from his body to use as blades, his style of fighting was both grotesque and disquieting to those who faced him. Yet, he was not without honor, as when Lee asked for a time out to take his medication, Kimimaro actually stepped back from a strike.

Only when Gaara arrived did Kimimaro finally meet his match. With his body weakening and knowing he would not last long, his only hope of stopping his opponents was to release the second level of his cursed seal completely. Despite that, he was still unable to kill Gaara and was finally dragged by the sand deep underground to be crushed. Using his last bit of energy, Kimimaro created a field of spiny bone spikes in an attempt to spear his enemies. Gaara managed to escape with Lee in tow but Kimimaro had one last attack.

Unfortunately for him, at that moment his body gave out and the boy who fought so hard for a man who saw him as no more than another stepping stone to his own selfish goals, died. Orochimaru, upon the news of Kimimaro's death, only commented simply that he did not matter anymore. It was Sasuke that he was waiting for.

In Japanese, Kimi means "without equal" and Maro means "myself". Of course, Kimi could also mean various other things, such as "bone", and maro could just be typical suffix.

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