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Rock LeeRock LeeRock Lee (Naruto)
Thick BrowsGejimayu
· · ·
Bushy Brow (by Naruto)Fuzzy Brows (by Naruto)
13 years old (born November 27)13 years old (born November 27)
5'2" (source: 3rd DVD box set)158.5 cm (source: 3rd DVD box set)
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5'8" (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)172 cm (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)
103 lbs46.7 kg
Type AType A
Genin (entry-level ninja)Genin (entry-level ninja)
"I will protect my ninja way!"
Brian DonovanYoichi Masukawa
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Naruto Hurricane ChroniclesNaruto Shippuuden

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Character Description: Rock Lee

Rock Lee is the epitome of hard work and determination.

For many years, this youth with little to no promise continued in his training to someday become a ninja--despite the fact that no one really believed he could ever succeed. He had no skill in controlling his life force (chakra), and therefore couldn't perform even the most basic of ninja techniques. Even his hand-to-hand combat skills were below average.

Yet, after training those hand-to-hand skills for years with heart and focus, Rock Lee has become one of the better known genin in Hidden Leaf Village. He only knows taijutsu (hand-to-hand), but his skills are considerably tough to handle...the speed his body is able to maintain is unnerving, as is his iron will to succeed.

Lee is the spitting image of his young sensei (Gai, the rival of Kakashi); he idolizes the man. His intensity and excitement with his training spread to all aspects of his life (which you can imagine makes him an interesting character to watch). His rosy red cheeks and large, round eyes give away whatever emotion he feels instantly.

An innocent and sweet kid at heart, Lee is on a team of three with a girl weapon specialist named Tenten, and a famed genius of a specialized hand-to-hand combat style, Hyuuga Neji. Neji's fatalistic nature and constant mockery of Lee reinforce the boy's determination to prove himself.

It is this determination that makes Rock Lee great. After years of being taunted by everyone, Lee is willing to destroy himself to prove one thing: that if a person is determined enough, they can overcome any trial.

Lee goes into a drunken frenzy whenever he takes even a small sip of sake. He basically can't have any ever since he ruined a restaurant at one point after the smallest sip. The whole entire event of being in the restaurant was with Gai and was meant as a celebration for Lee's accomplishment of Primary Lotus.

Rock Lee has another fighting style that is seen later on in the series (after the Fifth Hokage arrives). Lee ends up in a fight with Kimimaro and just as it seems hopeless for Lee to win, he drinks a so-called medicine given to him by Gai-sensai. A few seconds later Lee is drunker than Jiraiya at a frat party. At first Kimimaro couldn't figure out why he was having a hard time fighting Lee until he took a wiff of what was in the bottle: sake.

Gai explains to the Fifth Hokage that Lee knows the Drunken Fist Style. Apparently, Gai took his squad to a restaruant to celebrate and during that time Lee accidently drank Gai's sake instead of water. Lee then trashed the restaruant and when Gai woke up he and Neji tried to restrain him. Gai realized that he can secretly give Lee a bottle of sake in order to unleash his drunken fury.

Lee is also called "The Green Beast of the Leaf" by American fans, and called "The Green Beast of Konoha" by Japanese fans.


A Naruto Profiles book states that Tenten and Neji are 13 years old. Kabuto states that Rock Lee is a year older than the Rookie 9 Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, who are all 12 years old at the start of the show, making Rock Lee 13. Now, a Naruto Collector's Guide also says that Rock Lee is a year younger than his teammates, which would seem to make him 12 or them 14, and thus kick up a contradiction. However, this is not necessarily the case.

We do usually talk about ages in years, even though not everyone is exactly one year apart in age. So if someone is 13 years old and someone else is 14 years old, we would typically say that one is a year older than the other, even though they might only be a few months apart in age with the 13 year old having not yet had his or her birthday. This is likely the situation we are seeing here, especially considering the characters birth months: Lee's is November, Neji's is July, and Tenten's is March. Lee is younger than his teammates, but only by months, not an entire year.

It can also be the case that the Naruto Collector's Guide is listing character ages from a year after the show's debut, which would make everyone a year older. Of course, to make things even more confusing, Naruto Anime Profiles, Volume 1: Episodes 1-37 lists Tenten, Neji, and Rock Lee as all being 14 years old, as does the official Naruto website! If you have scans for any of these sources, please contact me.

Character Description: Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a genin, but is determined to protect his ninja way. He mainly wants to protect his way because he has been known as a hot-blooded drop-out since he was 6. With no gen-jutsu or nin-jutsu skill he trains hard to master tai-jutsu (hand-to-hand combat). Lee has amazing speed, as seen in episode 49.

Rock Lee is the only chuunin or genin who can perform the Lotus of Kohnoha. This move requires 3 gates to be opened, the first gate releasing the brain's control on muscle strain, then the life gate giving the user more stamina, and finally the healing gate putting less strain on the user's muscles. If all 8 chakra gates are opened the user will suffer death. As seen in the episode, Lee opened 5 gates, the last being the forest gate. This nearly killed him, but to make it worse Gaara destroyed his left leg and arm. Lee hopes to avenge Neji his arch rivalry, for Neji was always better and showed-off and put Lee down.

Character Description: Rock Lee

Rock Lee is a teammate of Tenten and Neji. His sensei (Gai) looks kind of like him.

Lee has a huge crush on Sakura and fought Sasuke once. Lee won. Lee is the only one in his team who knows how to do the Secondary and Primary Lotus. Lee excels in hand-to-hand combat.

Lee has trained very hard and was picked on when he was little. He was called the "Hot-Blooded Dropout".

Let's look at one of Rock Lee's fight, Gaara vs. Rock Lee. Gaara wins but get a good beating. Rock Lee uses a tremendous amount of weights on his legs (covered by the leg warmers) as a training during the battle. Lee is forced to take them off so he could out-run Gaara's sand and actually attack him. When he removes the weights he moves so fast that you can't see him and he wounds Gaara on the forehead with a dropkick, though the wound isn't very severe it is important to understand he beat Gaara's sand defense, so Gaara covers himself with sand.

You see, even though Rock Lee can't use his chakra which prevents him from doing any jutsus, he knows taijutsu and can open chakra gates. This gives him an orange-ish appearance and lets him move faster than ever. So he almost literally plays ping-pong with Gaara (basically he's moving so fast up in the air that he's able to hit Gaara around constantly). But in opening the 5th chakra gate, Gaara used Desert Coffin on Lee's left arm and left leg, breaking them. Afterwards, he is told that because of his injuries he could never return to be a ninja or he could re-injure himself, but he finds out about a new surgery that could allow him to remain a ninja and he accepts it and it works.

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