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Character Profile: Sai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sai Sai(サイ) Sai (Naruto)
Sai (Naruto)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Black Black
Black Black
5'8" 172.1cm
117.5 lbs 53.3kg
Team 7 member Team 7 member
"Your power... it is weak. Do you even have a penis?" "Your power... it is weak. Do you even have a penis?"
Benjamin Diskin Satoshi Hino
Episode 252; Chapter 281(manga) Episode 252; Chapter 281(manga)
Naruto Naruto
· · ·
Naruto Hurricane Chronicles Naruto Shippuuden

Character Description: Sai

Sai is a ninja directed by the mysterious Danzo. He is very pale in appearance, and seems a little... different. He always insults others, his quote being "Your power... it is weak. Do you even have a penis?" Sai is trained to have no emotions.

Sai is Sasuke Uchiha's replacement on team Kakashi, and is also a member of Root. He was originally put on team Kakashi for a mission to kill Sasuke. When he first comes in he attacks Naruto, Shikamaru, and Chouji using his Chōjū Giga Jutsu (Super Beasts Imitation Picture Jutsu).

When he meets Naruto and Sakura for the first time he acts like a nice person, when he really has a stuck-up attitude. He then explains to Naruto:

"Sorry about before. I just wanted to gauge the ability of my new team member. I just didn't know how much I'd have to look after the little prick with no balls."

He casually teases Naruto about his penis to get on his nerves; he teases Sakura by calling her a friendly crone and when deciding nicknames, an ugly-dog.

Nicknames That Sai Gave The People:

  • Naruto: Little Prick With No Balls(?)
  • Sakura: Ugly-dog
  • Ino: Ms. Beautiful (because he read in a book that women don't like to be told exactly how they look)

Later on in the anime, Sai realizes that people hate hearing the truth of how he thinks of them. Sai starts to say the opposite of how he sees them, for example calling Ino Yamanaka beautiful.

Sai's brother died when he was young. In Naruto Shippuden episode 53 they discovered his book, and he was going to kill Sasuke, not bring him back. Sai graduated from the ninja academy at the age of nine and was a Chuunin by the age of 10.

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