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Character Profile: Sasori of the Red Sand

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sasori of the Red SandAkasuna no Sasori ("Sasori of the Red Sand")Sasori of the Red Sand (Naruto)
Originally human, now a puppetOriginally human, now a puppet
35 years old35 years old
· · ·
5'5" (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)164 cm (Shippuden) (source: Shippuden character reference volume 2)
104.3 lbs47.3 kg
S-ranked criminalS-ranked criminal
"I don't like to be kept waiting"
Episode 135 (anime), Chapter 248 (manga)Episode 135 (anime), Chapter 248 (manga)

Character Description: Sasori of the Red Sand

Sasori used to be a part of the hidden village of the sand. He is a puppeteer and obsesses with his battle puppets. He created the puppets Kankurou uses, Karusu, Kuroari, and Sanshouuo. His partner is Deidara, and he works with Akatsuki. He works very well with puppets. There really isn't much known about him.

Sasori himself isn't exactly a human; he turned himself into a puppet. He has a talisman on his chest, and it reads 'Sasori,' meaning scorpion. Inside of it is his chakra, letting him move his body.

Sasori, and only he himself, is able to make human-puppets. Human-puppets were originally humans, but Sasori would kill them, extract everything inside, and rebuild it, making the deceased human a puppet. (That explained why he isn't a human above.)

Sasori of the Red Sand (Naruto) During his usual combat, Sasori 'wears' one of his favorite puppets, Hiruko. This keeps his true self from being damaged. He has a collection of 298 human-puppets, as he mentioned in his fight with Sakura and Chiyo (grandma).

He and his partner, Deidara, would argue over what true art was. Deidara believed that art was very explosive and ended quickly (like his exploding clay birds), while Sasori believed art was something that would last forever (like his puppets).

Sasori is also 35 years old. He was Orochimaru's partner before Orochimaru left Akatsuki, which took place right after Itachi got there, or 4 years ago. He left Suna twenty years ago, and had been part of the Akatsuki for 11 years before Itachi arrived.

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