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Character Profile: Temari

USA Info
Japanese Info
Temari Temari(テマリ) Temari (Naruto)
Human Human
Female Female
15-16 years old(born August 23), 18-19 years old(after time skip) 15-16 years old(born August 23), 18-19 years old(after time skip)
Blonde Blonde
Teal Teal
5'2" 157.3 cm
98.1 lbs 44.5 kg
Type O Type O
Genin(entry-level ninja) Genin(entry-level ninja)
"Sharpen your kama at sunset."  
Tara Platt Romi Paku
Episode 20 Episode 20
Naruto Naruto
· · ·
Naruto Hurricane Chronicles Naruto Shippuuden

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Character Description: Temari

Temari is the oldest child out of her siblings, Kankuro and Gaara of the Desert. She can be very arrogant and over-confident of her abilities, though she does have some very strong attacks.

She carries around a large fan which can create large wind jutsus. As well she can summon Kamaitachi, a powerful summon that can level an entire forest in one attack.

Temari comes from the Village Hidden in the Sand. Apparently she likes Shikamaru.

Character Description: Temari

When Temari comes into the show in episode 20, she is indeed 15 years old, but after the two and a half year gap in the show in what is known as "Naruto 2", she is then 18 and at the rank of Jounin.

Temari is the daughter of the Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand which is also known and Sunagakure No Sato. She carries a large metal fan which she uses in her ninja attacks, like her summoning which we first see when she comes to Shikamaru's aid during the battle with the Sound 5 when Shikamaru Nara is sent with others to retrieve Act of Sasuke. She summons Kamatari, a Kamaitachi or "Cutting Weasel". Her true Summoning attack is Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai (Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance). Temari, Naruto, and Tenten are the only genin that can do Summonings. She and Shikamaru were fighting against Tayuya, one of the Sound 5 group.

During the 2 1/2 year gap between the original Naruto series and Naruto Shippuden, Temari becomes a Jounin, and she seems to be a link or a "liaison" between The Leaf Village and The Sand village.

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