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Japanese Info
Momochi ZabuzaMomochi ZabuzaMomochi Zabuza (Naruto)
Demon of the Hidden Mist
26 years old (born August 15)26 years old (born August 15)
6'0"183 cm
159 lbs72.1 kg
Type AType A
Jounin (elite-level ninja)Jounin (elite-level ninja)
Steven BlumUnshou Ishizuka
Episode 6: A Dangerous Mission: Journey to the Land of Waves!Episode 6: A Dangerous Mission: Journey to the Land of Waves!

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Character Description: Momochi Zabuza

Zabuza is an extremely dangerous man who seeks out to kill all in his way. He fought Kakashi and almost killed him... while almost killing himself.

Zabuza is a member of the Kirigakure village (Village Hidden in the Mist) and went on his first murder spree when he was Naruto's age. He has a young consort, named Haku. He seeks to kill Gato, Tazuna, and of course, Kakashi

After Haku died, Zabuza sacrificed himself to kill Gato, who had disrespected Haku's corpse, and memory.

Zabuza is a member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsmen, who were a group of Mist Village heroes. They have all since died, except Kisame Hoshigaki who joined Akatsuki one year after Itachi (who joined three years before start of series).

In Japanese, Zabuza Momochi means "he who never strikes twice".

Character Description: Momochi Zabuza

Momochi Zabuza is originally from the Land of the Hidden Mist. Known as the Demon from the Hidden Mist. His ability excels in silent killing and stealth. He is a legend among ninjas and is greatly feared, hailing from the Hidden Mist Village (also known as Bloody Mist Village). When he was a boy, he killed over 100 fellow students even though he wasn't a ninja (tradition was that the students must kill each other for the final exam). This caused great reform in the way that the students must pass and because of Zabuza, the tradition was broken.

Zabuza grew to become a extremely powerful shinobi and he even conspired to assassinate their Kage, but the coup d'etat failed and Zabuza went into hiding with the shinobi hunters hot on his trail. There he met a young boy laying on the street and he was going to originally kill him until he realized that this young boy reminded Zabuza of himself. This young boy's name is Haku who becomes Zabuza's right-hand man and tool. Haku holds the Kekkei Genkai - a skill passed down fromt generation to generation, and Zabuza uses Haku to help make his ambitions become a reality. In order to further his ambitions, Zabuza takes a job by a corrupt businessman name Gato who wants Zabuza and Haku to eliminate a bridge builder name Tazuna who, in order to defend himself, has hired the help of Cell Team 7 from the Hidden Leaf Village: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and their sensei Hatake Kakashi.

The bridge that Tazuna is building will connect the Land of the Waves to the rest of the lands, and that's why Gato doesn't like that. In a final desperate fight, Zabuza fights against Kakashi and Haku fights against both Sasuke and Naruto. As the fight drags on, Kakashi decides to finish the fight and attempts a one-hit kill attack. Haku sensing his idol was in danger, quickly comes to Zabuza's aid and dies saving his master. Zabuza seems to act cocky and emotionless even after Haku dies until Naruto talks some sense to him. Zabuza is then seen crying and then decides to get his revenge for Haku.

This is when Gato arrives and reveals he doesn't plan to pay him but plans to kill him. Thus Zabuza decides to not assassinate Tazuna and sets his sights on Gato and ends his fight with Kakashi. Zabuza goes to attack Gato and manages to kill him but not until he receives like 20 swords in his back. Zabuza then asks Kakashi to carry him over to Haku so he can see his face. It then starts to snow during summer, as if Haku is crying. So Zabuza dies right next to Haku.

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