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NatsuyasumiNatsuyasumi (γƒŠγƒ„γƒ€γ‚ΉγƒŸ) ("Summer Vacation")Natsuyasumi
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Summer Vacation
3 OAV episodes
Jan 27, 2013–Jul 11, 2013
Studio Zealot
Hentai, YaoiHentai, Yaoi
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Natsuki βŠ• Natsuki βŠ•
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Yuu Hazuki βŠ• Yuu Hazuki βŠ•

Description: Natsuyasumi

Natsuyasumi (literally "Summer Vacation") is a short three-episode hentai series about two young adults and their sexual experimentation during summer break. Yuu Hazuki is a young man sitting along a river just trying to catch crawdads when an attractive young lady named Natsuki sees him and introduces herself. Yuu accidentally gets a glance down Natsuki's shirt and when she notices she feigns embarrassment... until she breaks out laughing and offers him the chance to see more. So they head underneath a nearby overpass where the viewing becomes touching, and that leads to Natsuki orally giving Yuu his first sexual experience. When it's time for Yuu to reciprocate, he discovers a shocking revelation... Natsuki is male! Yuu flees, but an intense dream of him with Natuski causes him to return to that spot the next day in the hopes of seeing her again.

When I started watching this anime, I really had no expectations going in other than it was some kind of hentai. I found the story kind of sweet. With each episode being only about 11 minutes without credits, there wasn't a whole lot of time to really delve into the emotional aspects of the characters and especially how Yuu felt about male sexual fluidity (which is different than sexual orientation). Him running away when he discovered Natsuki was male felt very natural, as did the dream he had about her later that night. I could totally see that happening in real life. I also like that neither of them was ever trying to force the other to do something they didn't want to do, either by physical force or emotional force. That's something I tend to see a lot of in hentai and am really glad it didn't happen here.

Natsuyasumi Natsuyasumi Natsuyasumi Natsuyasumi Natsuyasumi

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