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Anime Profile: Naughty Nurses

USA Info
Japanese Info
Naughty NursesHeisa Byouin (ι–‰ιŽ–η—…ι™’)Naughty Nurses
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
Sep 27, 2005
Critical Mass
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Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Dr. Hitori βŠ• Dr. Hitori βŠ•
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Dr. Nimura βŠ• Dr. Nimura βŠ•
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Ishigami βŠ• Ishigami βŠ•
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Maika βŠ• Maika βŠ•
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Ryoko βŠ• Ryoko βŠ•

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Description: Naughty Nurses

Naughty Nurses Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another hentai title about busty nurses that "go that extra mile" for their patients, along comes Naughty Nurses, the latest Vanilla Series release from Critical Mass Video. This time the action takes place at Aoshima General Hospital. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Nimura, quite awhile ago, Maya Mizuno finally decides to put the past behind her and start a new life. So today she's starting her first day as a nurse at Aoshima General Hospital. And just so there's no doubt what goes on there behind closes doors, we're treated a scene of the insatiable nurse Ryoko gladly takes care horny Congressman Ishigami.

Naughty Nurses Maya's first day on the job starts out well and seems to be go pretty smooth, well, at least until she runs straight into Dr. Nimura, her ex-boyfriend! What are the odds?! And if that didn't suck enough, later that night nurse Ryoko and Congressman Ishigami set her up so Ishigami can try out the new girl. What a diabolical pair! Ryoko drugs Maya's coffee, then Ishigami presses the call button for a nurse to help with a problem... a problem that is immediately visible due to the outline in his hospital gown. Once the drug takes effect, Ishigami lays her down on his bed, all the while Ryoko remains out at the desk, pleasuring herself while she imagines what's going on in the room. And of course, in true hentai fashion, Maya resists at first but soon begins to enjoy it, eventually wanting more.

Naughty Nurses Dr. Nimura happens across Ryoko as she is enjoying her fantasy, and the sight makes him immediately hard. This then causes him to panic and take off running down the dark hallway... where he eventually comes across a room from which some unexpected sounds are coming. Luckily, the door to the room is cracked open just enough for him to be able to peek inside, and what else does he see but Dr. Hitori and nurse Satsuki Aoyagi making out... which quickly leads to other forms of enjoyment, if you know what I mean, oh yes, and I think you do. Of course, Dr. Nimura, being the gentleman that he is, continues to watch everything. He better be careful, though, as you never know who might be walking the halls at night!

Naughty Nurses The next night a bunch of the gang from work decides to go out for a little fun, and for once this is NOT the kind of fun you're probably thinking about. This time it's a restaurant! Dr. Nimura happens to get a little tipsy from all the sake, and publicly confesses his love for Maya, who also happens to be there, sitting at the bar. Of course, she's still ticked off at him and doesn't take it seriously. Too bad, 'cause Nimura has way too much to drink by the end of the night, and winds up outside kissing a light post. If Maya had been there for him, I'm sure all their relationship woes would have been over, but instead Ryoko was there, and all too willing to help him out.

Naughty Nurses He awakes the next morning, shocked to see a naked Ryoko right there next to him. Having no memory of what happened the previous night after he left the bar, he hurries to work, worried that Maya might know about what he and Ryoko did. This is a lovely scene, as it shows he still does really care for Maya. Of course, that doesn't stop him from being seduced by a bubbly female patient named Maika. Just think of it as practice... yeah, that's it! It sort of makes sense, as Maya and Nimura's past relationship problems all seemed to be cause by the one simple fact of Nimura being too nervous to be able to get "it" up. So if he can do it now, with this lovely young patient, then perhaps he will be cured!

Naughty Nurses So after last night's fling with nurse Ryoko when he was drunk and relaxed, and the little romp with seductive Maika just now, Nimura's confidence level is at an all time high. All he has to do is get up the courage to tell Maya how he really feels! Oh, wait, first he needs to convince her to listen to what he has to say, and that's not going to be as easy as you'd think, considering he just recently told her that he wasn't serious when he professed his love for her that night at the bar. Why would he do such a thing? Oh, it was just a big old misunderstanding on his part. He should she was referring to something else. Then, even if he can get the courage to talk to her AND convince her to listen, will Maya even want to take him back after he so coldly dumped her?

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