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Lord YupaYupa-samaLord Yupa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind)
The Swordsmaster
Master swordsmenMaster swordsmen
"We will keep the warrior dorment"
Sir Patrick StewartGoro Naya
Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindKaze No Tani No Naushika

Character Description: Lord Yupa

Lord Yupa is a traveler who has two birds with him. He has a large mustache, and we first see him in the beginning of the movie with a mask on because of the toxic jungle. Yupa uses his gun in the jungle because he thought an insect had a human baby, but it was only a fox squirrel, and it got an ohmu (the u is silent) mad.

He gets saved by King Jihl's daughter, Nausicaa. He tells King Jil that a few more kingdoms were swallowed by the jungle. Jihl asks Yupa to help him rule the valley of the wind, but Obaba says that Yupa must look for something.

After a thousand years of darkness, he will come. Clad in blue and surrounded by fields of gold to restore mankind's connection with the Earth that was destroyed; and he will guide the people of this planet at last to a land of purity.

He also tells Mito that he heard that a giant warrior from the seven days of fire was under Pedjite, and it was dormant for a thousand years (it was on the Torumekian warship that crashed along with Lastelle, a princess from Pedjite that was a hostage).

Lord Yupa also stopped Nausicaa from killing Torumekian soldiers so he could say that the valley tried to prevent their ship from crashing, and had finished burying the dead. Also, he said that they need a good reason for war, and to show courtesy and respect. Later in the movie, he found Nausicaa's secret room and found out what she was going to do (King Jihl gets shot).

When Nausicaa was taken to Torumekia, Yupa finds out the Torumekians are bringing the warrior back to life, and hears that the plane went down. Yupa and Mito go in the valley's airship to look for the princess, and when they found her, Yupa jumps onto the Pedjite ship, and starts to fight the Torumekians.

After the battle, the Pedjite plane heads to the valley of the wind, and Yupa sees eyes turn from red to blue. He also sees the legend come true.

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