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Neo RangaNankai Kio NeorangaNeo Ranga
48 TV episodes (15 minutes each)
Jun Kamiya
Minami ShimabaraMinami Shimabara
· · ·
Neo RangaNeo Ranga
· · ·
Ushio ShimabaraUshio Shimabara
· · ·
Yuuhi ShimabaraYuuhi Shimabara

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Description: Neo Ranga

Neo Ranga is about the three sisters of the Shimabara family. They live alone in West Musashino, Tokyo. Their parents are since long dead and their older brothers left them ten years ago.

One day, a young boy calling himself Joel shows up at their house. They have been invited to the island kingdom of Barou, all expenses paid.

Of course, they had to go. But when there, the natives elect them kings of Barou, and the island's protector and god awakes from his slumber to serve his kings.

They are shocked, but decide to live as they had before, and so they hurry back to Tokyo. Three months later, the guardian of the sea, Neo Ranga, descends upon Tokyo....

On a side note, the sexy black body suits with the red patterns that are seen on the video and DVD covers never actually show up in the anime. They are censored versions of the original covers that feature the girls nude with the red pattern tattoos, which also never show up in the anime.

The secret behind the patterns lies within the race known as the Suura. Neo Ranga is one of them. The other gods in the series are Kyoshins. They are dead Suuras. The Suura race is, except for Ranga, extinct.

Anyways, the tattooed art exist because of the fact that the Shimabara family originates from the Suura of Neo Ranga. Therefore these patterns.

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