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Character Profile: Neo Ranga

USA Info
Japanese Info
Neo Ranga Neo Ranga Neo Ranga (Neo Ranga)
Ranga Ranga
Suura(a kind of god) Suura(a kind of god)
None None
Ancient Ancient
None None
Black, may change colors Black, may change colors
About 60 ft About 18 m
A lot A lot
God, Guardian of the sea God, Guardian of the sea
Neo Ranga Nankai Kio Neoranga

Character Description: Neo Ranga

Neo Ranga is a titanic being from Barou. He is worshiped as the protector of Barou and answers only to the rulers of Barou. He obeys the slightest command from his ruler but still, he's got a sense of justice. Therefore, he will not obey any order that would hurt innocent people.

Ranga's face is usually devoid of expression but when the sisters control him, his eyes change into respective sister's eyes or later on, a single large eye after his Suura has managed to get out.

Ranga's power as a warrior is unsurpassed in variation. Besides being dangerous thanks to his gargantuan size, he has a multitude of tricks and weapons. The left of his arms can be transformed into a large blade or a scythe. The right of his arms can extend its fingers to grab and crush things far away. It can also be used as an arm cannon (Mega Man style) and as claws. His head can grow horns to charge the enemy. His back can grow wings to fly and to create a strong wind to push away opponents from melee. The swirls can start spinning and melting, revealing Ranga's nifty sword/spear, held in his left hand. The swirl can also be used to melt things or shoot powerful beams, and to open the mirror of time. The mirror of time can be used to summon things from the future and the past and to make things disappear from the present.

When Laburey reshapened Ranga, his new form was taller, faster and more slim (more girly?). He also had three permanent mirrors of time opened and gained the ability to move anywhere in an instant, thus making him impossible to hit.

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