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Jet Alone (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
About 100'About 3048 m
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Japan Heavy Chemical IndustrialJapan Heavy Chemical Industrial
Remote controlled robotRemote controlled robot
Neon Genesis EvangelionShin Seiki Evangelion

Mech Description

The Evangelions that were created by NERV were effective in the battle with the Angels. However, the development costs of the Evangelions - along with repair costs after Angel battles - proved to be very costly. So much so that it proved to be a burden to nations that were still recovering from Second Impact.

The Jet Alone project was hoped to be a more cost-effective alternative to the Evangelions. Developed by Japan Heavy Chemical Industrial Co-opporative, this large unmanned robot was the first (and only) attempt at a private solution to the Angel problem. In place of the external umbilical the Evangelions required, Jet Alone had an onboard nuclear reactor to provide power. Control of the huge robot was managed by remote control.

At the unveiling of this robot, JHCI had invited Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi to their test facility in what was old Tokyo as witnesses, as well as ridiculing NERV for what they preceved as the organzation's wasteful habits. However, when Jet Alone was publicly activated, the nuclear reactor malfuntioned, heading slowly towards a meltdown. At the same time, the remote control went haywire, and the robot rapidly advanced towards a populated area. There was a password to shut down Jet Alone - provided that the burucratic red-tape could be successfully completed to authorize it.

Quickly, Misato contacted NERV in a hastily concocted plan to stop Jet Alone. Using a specially designed transport, Unit 01 with Shinji Ikari transported Misato to the rampaging robot. The head scientist of JHCI had defied his superiors and supplied Misato with the password - "hope".

After Unit 01 was dropped ahead of Jet Alone, Shinji dropped Misato on the robot, where she entered the reactor room. Shinji then used Unit 01 to try to restrain the robot. But when Misato entered the password, the computer didn't accept it. She then proceeded to try to push the control rods in herself. But at the last moment, the previosly entered password was accepted, and the reactor scramed.

What was not known at the time (but Misato suspected) was that Jet Alone was sabotaged - by Ritsuko, on the orders of Gendo Ikari, all in the hopes that the project would be discredited - which it was.

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