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Character Profile: Evangelion Unit 00

USA Info
Japanese Info
Evangelion Unit 00Evangelion Unit 00Evangelion Unit 00 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)Evangelion Unit 00 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Unit 00Unit 00
· · ·
Evangelion (bio-mechanical being)Evangelion (bio-mechanical being)
2 years (in 2015)2 years (in 2015)
Blue and white armor (originally orange and white)Blue and white armor (originally orange and white)
About 100'About 3048 m
Prototype UnitPrototype Unit
-- not applicable ---- not applicable --
-- not applicable ---- not applicable --
Neon Genesis EvangelionShin Seiki Evangelion
· · ·
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and RebirthShin seiki Evangelion Gekijou-ban: Shito Shinsei

Character Description: Evangelion Unit 00

Evangelion Unit 00 was the very first operational unit ever constructed. It was the culmination of over 15 years of research and construction, headed by the late Yui Ikari, and continued by her husband, the former Gendo Rokubungi, now known as Gendo Ikari (in Japanese society, it's the mother's family name that stays rather than the father's).

Because of its great size, Unit 00, like the other Evangelions, are powered by an external power umbilical which is connected to its back. If the umbilical is somehow damaged, or separated of its own accord, there is emergency battery power available. However, because of existing battery technology, there is only one minute of full power available, and a maximum of five minutes under reduced load.

The pilot is placed inside the Evangelion by means of an entry plug, which is inserted in the Evangelion thru a point in back of the base of the neck. After the plug is inserted and connected, the inside is flooded with a liquid called LCL, which provides an interface with the Evangelion, as well as life support for the pilot.

Unit 00 was also the most problematic of the Evangelion series. The first problem was that its pilot, Rei Ayanami, had taken more than 7 months to synchronize with her unit. Another problem surfaced two days before Misato Katsuragi arrived in Tokyo-3. During an activation test, Unit 00 suddenly went berserk, tearing itself from its restraints and attacking the control booth where Gendo and Ritsuko Akagi were monitoring the test. While trying to gain control of the unit, Rei's entry plug ejected itself and caromed off the walls of the test chamber, injuring Rei. It was believed that the reason that Unit 00 lost control was because of the instability in Rei's mind.

However, several months later, during an adaptability test, the same problem occurred, only this time, Shinji Ikari was in the unit's entry plug. Though Shinji escaped with only minor injuries, the test only seemed to add suspicion to the belief that the Evangelions may have souls of their own.

Unit 00 was orignally painted a bright orange and white. After it was heavily damaged during the battle with the 5th Angel, Ramiel, it was repainted blue after it was repaired.

Unit 00 was destroyed when Rei, in battle with the 16th Angel, initiated the unit's self-destruct when the Angel tried to gain control of the Evangelion. Rei was killed as a result. However, it was the second Rei that was killed, and another Rei was awakened afterwards.

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