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Character Profile: Nabuca

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nabuca Nabuca Nabuca (Now and then, Here and There)
Male Male
About 14 years old About 14 years old
Black Black
Green Green
Adout 5'7" Adout 170 cm
Dan Green Yuka Imai
Now and then, Here and There Ima, Soko Ni Iru Boku

Character Description: Nabuca

Nabuca is a soldier for Hellywood and King Hamdo. When he was a kid, he was taken from his village with his friends. Now later, he and his friend, Tabool, are the only two left from their village. Everyone else was killed by them or shot down for trying to escape. When he meets Shu, the two fight and Shu saves Nabuca when he was about to fall into the blast furnace. His only other friend that he trusts in Hellywood would be Boo, another kid drafted by Hellywood

When Shu was drafted as a soldier and he fights Nabuca in combat practice, Nabuca tells him about his technique for fighting. Shu told him he sounded just like his kendo partner, Oda, and asks if he was related to him. (When Shu was in his own time, Oda said the same thing to Shu about fighting.)

He and all the rest of the children had been promised that once the war ends, they would be able to go home to their village. But it was just a lie. When they were captured the soldiers, unknown to Nabuca or anyone, they burned or blasted the villages after they left.

When Shu rescues Lala Ru from King Hamdo and they escape into the desert, Nabuca finds them when he and others were sent to capture them. Instead of arresting them, he repays Shu for saving his life by saving his.

He dies in the final episode, being shot by Tabool. With the last of his strength he tells Shu to go back to his world. This gives Shu the strength to fight on in the last episode when he was captured again by Hellywood.

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