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Prince AikkaPrince AikkaPrince Aikka (Oban Star Racers)
Looks about 16 years oldLooks about 16 years old
Pale BluePale Blue
Prince and Knight of NourasiaPrince and Knight of Nourasia
"Don't worry about me."
Kirby MorrowRémi Caillebot (French), Hiroaki Miura (Japanese)
Episode 2Episode 2
Oban Star RacersMolly Star Racer

Character Description: Prince Aikka

Prince Aikka is from the planet of Nourasia and befriends Molly/Eva fairly quickly despite them being rivals during oban. Fans believe there is a romance between the two, but this is never confirmed. (Only that Molly thinks he is cute, we are unsure if he feels the way) Despite the Nourasions working with Crogs, Prince Aikka shows he does not want to work for them but has no choice.

Aikka is extremely noble and races on a giant beetle named G'dar. G'dar actually saves his life in the 1 1/2 hour blockbuster ending the series, showing he does share a bond with him.

Although it seems Aikka is completely loyal to the Crogs at many points, he actually forms an alliance with Earth in the final race and flies alongside Molly to beat the Crogs. When Kross sees the Prince's betrayal to them, he shoots him down, but the prince survives and discovers a dying Satis who explains of Kanaletto, the evil spirit who intends on becoming the next avatar and destroying the galaxy.

Aikka immediately follows Satis' instructions to find Molly and take her to the temple of Heart so she can activate the pyramid of power and become the next Avatar. When he flies back, he becomes extremely dehydrated and passes out but is saved.

He and Jordan finally seem to put their rocky past behind them and work together to protect Molly. When in the temple, both are attacked from behind by Kanaletto and badly injured. Aikka is thought dead but when Jordan becomes the next avatar and oban is restored, he walks out from behind a large boulder to receive a hug from a overjoyed Molly.

At this point, Don Wei, Stan, and Koji run over to Molly and G'Dar flies over with his trainer/bodyguard on his back. On G'Dar's back, Aikka tells Molly they will meet again and she must see his kingdom, and she responds by telling him it would be an honor. With a nod, he returns to Nourasia ,and so ends it.

Character Description: Prince Aikka

The young Prince of the planet Nourasia, Aikka is one of the many competitors in the Great Race of Oban. He and Molly become good friends (except they fall out after the race between them both, but they later make up), yet Jordan takes an immediate grudge against him due to the fact that he believes the Nourasians have an alliance with the Crogs, which is later revealed to be true, yet Colonel Toros turns on them after being beaten by Molly and Jordan.

Unlike the other entrants who mostly use Star Racers, Aikka rides on the back of his pet giant beetle when he races and using ancient Nourasian magic, he can fire unstoppable arrows to slow down his opponents.

In general, he secretly has feelings for Molly, which makes Jordan hate him even more (in a way, it's kind of a love triangle here). And although he can seem serious at times, he normally has a friendly nature and usually acts calm and collected in a tough situation... except when he pulls out his dagger when protecting his friends.

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