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JordanJordanJordan (Oban Star Racers)
17 years old17 years old
Half black, half orangeHalf black, half orange
Gunner for the Earth Team, Molly's partnerGunner for the Earth Team, Molly's partner
Oban Star RacersMolly Star Racer

Character Description: Jordan

A member of a military base, Jordan is a trigger-happy gunman hired by Don to participate in the Great Race of Oban. Because of his background, he seems to resent all alien life forms. At first, he views Molly as just a pest, but that slowly begins to change as they work together. He lets his resentment of Prince Aikka and his race get between them during the prelims, but soon enough he earns her trust back. They first have a relationship like a big brother and little sister, but upon their arrival on Oban, that seems to change, on his part at least. He becomes more protective of her than usual, even offering to fight Don! Molly, however, seems to remain ignorant of his feelings, especially when he offers her to cuddle with him when they move to the mountain region of Oban.

Whenever Molly starts into one of her crazy schemes in the middle of a race, Jordan will kiss his dogtags, and he also does it before the beginning of a race. He also looks at them when he starts to talk to Molly about her family back on Earth. If looked at closely in episode 13 and numerous other episodes, it is seen that Jordan carries 2 dogtags- one of course is his, but the second, more battered-looking dogtag is in fact that of Jordan's grandfather, William J. Wilde, who was also in the army and was aboard an Earth ship and subsequently killed during the Crog attack on Earth- this being the reason for Jordan's obvious dislike of General Toros and the Crog representative seen on Oban.

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