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Rick ThunderboltRick ThunderboltRick Thunderbolt (Oban Star Racers)
Champion of the Minor Leagues
Unknown (wears sunglasses)Unknown (wears sunglasses)
Ex-pilot for the Earth Team, coaches Eva and JordanEx-pilot for the Earth Team, coaches Eva and Jordan
Oban Star RacersMolly Star Racer

Character Description: Rick Thunderbolt

Rick Thunderbolt was hired by Don Wei sometime after Don's wife's death, but was fired three years ago. When Don first shows up, Rick thinks it's to try and get him back, but it's actually for a chance of a lifetime: to pilot a racer at an intergalactic competition on another planet.

When on the way to the check point, Rick is attacked by Crogs, only to pick up a teenage girl as he gets to the check point right on time. He calls the girl, Molly, "Little Mouse" as a joke and tries to assure her of her worth as he leaves for the first race against the pilot Groor. However, a sabotaged reactor blows on the Arrow 1, and Rick is sent to the medical unit.

When Rick returns, it is revealed that the accident causes an unusual side effect: His nervous system shuts down when under extreme stress. He can no long race. Rick leaves to find the person who caused the accident, but only finds out it was ordered by "The Timeless One". Don seeks him out to train Molly afterwards, and he accepts. Rick sees the talent in Molly, but can also tell she's holding back, and Don's constant negative comments aren't helping.

When Rick confronts Don about his treatment of Molly, Don reveals to Rick his past concerning his family, something he has kept hidden from everyone. Rick becomes the first person to know who Molly really is.

At the end of the preliminary race's finals, when Molly beats the Crogs, Rick leaves to go back to Earth, telling Molly that he has taught her everything he knows and its time now for him to begin his new life now that he can't race.

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