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Character Profile: Spirit

USA Info
French Info
Spirit   Spirit (Oban Star Racers)
Alien Alien
Male Male
Black Black
Hidden, blue Hidden, blue
5'11" 180 cm
Ambassador of the Phyls Ambassador of the Phyls
Episode 7 Episode 7
Oban Star Racers Molly Star Racer

Character Description: Spirit

Spirit is an alien from the polymorphic alien race the Phyls. He can shift his body into a black bird like form. He always wears a knee length black jacket and always has his true face hidden until he races and takes off his jacket reveals a white mask like face.

He has the reputation of being one of the most aggressive pilots ever. Racers that go up against him get in accidents. Molly's mother, Maya, was his opponent in a tournament finals on earth years ago. Near the end of the race Maya's ship blew up and she died. Eva and Don Wei have always blamed Spirit for her death and shutter in fear when they saw him again as one of the six finalist on Alwas.

When Molly raced Spirit she had ignored the race and didn't care if she lost. All she wanted was to kill Spirit. Her anger made her crash the Arrow 2 and knock her and Jordan unconscious. Spirit stops to see if Molly was alright and why she attacked him when Prince Aikka stepped in telling him to go away. He puts his hands up and walks to Molly's unconscious body and looks into her mind and sees that she's Maya's daughter. He mentally reveals to her what truly happened that day. Maya's star racer had started to leak fuel and he was warning her to stop, but she just told him to get away so he wouldn't be harmed by the blast. He then looks up and cries having to remember that and leaves to finish the race.

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