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Anime Profile: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ah! My Goddess: The MovieGekijouban Aa! Megamisama!Ah! My Goddess: The Movie
1 Movie1 Movie
November 27, 2001October 21, 2000
GeneonAIC/Kodansha/Shochiku Film/Ah! My Goddess Movie Production Committee
Kosuke Fujishima
Hiroaki Gohda, Makoto Bessho
Drama, Fantasy, RomanceDrama, Fantasy, Romance
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Keiichi MorisatoKeiichi Morisato
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English Title
Japanese Title
Ah! My Goddess (Season 1) Aa! Megami-sama (Season 1)
Ah! My Goddess: Everyone Has Wings (Season 2) Aa! Megami-sama: Sorezore no Tsubasa (Season 2)
Oh My Goddess! Aa! Megami-sama (OVA)
The Adventures of Mini-Goddess Aa Megami-sama: Chicchai tte Koto wa Benri da ne

Characters: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Belldandy Belldandy Ere βŠ• Ere βŠ•
Keiichi Morisato Keiichi Morisato Ex βŠ• Ex βŠ•
Peorth Peorth Megumi Morisato βŠ• Megumi Morisato βŠ•
Skuld Skuld Morgan Le Fay βŠ• Morgan Le Fay βŠ•
Urd Urd Otaki βŠ• Otaki βŠ•
Celestine βŠ• Celestine βŠ• Sora Hasegawa βŠ• Sora Hasegawa βŠ•
Chihiro Fujimi βŠ• Chihiro Fujimi βŠ• Tamiya βŠ• Tamiya βŠ•
Chrono βŠ• Chrono βŠ•

Description: Ah! My Goddess: The Movie

A lot of time has passed since Keiichi and Belldandy have lived happily together as students of Nekomi College. However, all of that changes when a god named Celestin (who was a teacher of Belldandy's and has been imprisoned on the moon for centuries), is broken out of his prison by a fairy named Morgan Le Fey.

Celestin travels to Earth to reunite with her former pupil Belldandy. However, Celestine takes away Belldandy's memories of her fiance Keiichi and uses her in a pawn for his own plans to undo the Yggdrasil control system and eventually the entire existance of Earth.

Will Belldandy ever regain her memories of Keiichi? And for what reason is Celestine attempting to undo reality itself?

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