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Japanese Info
AlvidaAlvidaAlvida (One Piece)
Iron Mace Alvida
About 30-35 years oldAbout 30-35 years old
Pirate captainPirate captain
"Who's the fairest throughout all the seas?"
Episode 1: I'm Luffy! The man who's gonna be King of the Pirates!Episode 1: I'm Luffy! The man who's gonna be King of the Pirates!
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Alvida

Alvida Alvida is first shown as Luffy's first defeated pirate captain. She is very fat and has curly black hair. She also as an over-inflated ego about her looks. You could say she's in denial about how ugly she is. She carries a iron club around, and shows no mercy to anyone who dares to make a bad comment about her looks.

When Luffy entered a ship that was under attack from Alvida's Pirates, he befriended poor Coby. Alvida forced Coby as her swabby after he got on her ship by accident. When Alvida attacked Luffy she was defeated with one blow and was sent flying.

That isn't the last time Alvida is seen, though. The next time is rather strange and odd. Alvida was never defeated by a man before and developed a crush on Luffy. She decided to hunt Luffy down with the power of the Slipslip Fruit or Smooth Fruit, a Devils Fruit that slimed her down. Not only that but nearly everything you throw at her bounces right off, and if she were to take her sandals off she would slide all over the floor.

After taking the fruit, she contacted Buggy, who was defeated by Luffy as well, and they agreed to an alliance. After some searching, Alvida and Buggy met with Luffy in Rogue Town where they were nearly defeated by the Navy. Only by the intervention of an unknown pirate who was wanted for the last 20 years saved both of them.

She follows Luffy and his crew into the Grand Line, searching for the man she loves: Luffy.

Character Description: Alvida

Alvida is a female pirate, and is first mentioned in volume 1 of One Piece, and is in the first episode. She carries an iron mace. She is also mean to her cabin boy, Koby, and would have done away with him if Koby didn't knew so much about the sea.

Alvida gets defeated by Monkey D. Luffy, but she meets up with him again in Roguetown, the place where Gold Roger had said his last words. She ate a cursed fruit that changed her figure, which is why she looks different this time around.

Character Description: Alvida

Iron Mace Alvida is the ugliest cruelest pirate ever to sail the seven seas. She will kill her own crew with a deadly blow from her mace if they do even the slightest thing wrong! Even though she is feared, Luffy blows her away with one punch to the gut!

She keeps a young man named Koby as her miserable cabin boy for two years! When ever one of her ship mates makes her mad she will ask them "who is the fairest throughout the seas?". If they answer wrong... wham! After her first defeat, she teams up with Buggy the Clown and she eats the Albano Devil Fruit, which turns her into a beautiful vixen and makes anything that touches her skin slip off!

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